Vinyl Tile or Vinyl Sheet?

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    Wow, Mark that looks really good. That is the exact flooring I am going to put in my pup, will cost about $30 or so! We are not removing everything but we are going to paint interior white.

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    Apr 13, 2008
    Finaly got some time to finish the laminate in the pup. Happy with the turnout. Now just waiting for the new upholsery that my Mother in law is making for us. Then the N2U pup will truly seem new on the inside.

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    Hello, our flooring needed an update too.What we did because its really me not my husband doing the work is,we put down commercial carpet over the tile.The carpet hides the dirt,whatever collects just broom out or use a small hand vac.It also is better on the feet on those cold nights and it is easy to match color with interior color scheme.We've had the carpet down for 2yrs now and it still lokks great.

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    Mar 27, 2007
    I just re-did the vinyl in my '73 starcraft. I chose to take up all my cabinets and put down new underlayment before glueing down the vinyl.

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    I had to do some floor repairs last year when I got the camper, and I had removed some of the cabinets before due to those rotted areas and a wardrobe closet I just didn't like. Because the floor is not 'flat' anymore after 35 yrs, I wanted sheet goods because they would lay over my floor that is slightly curved over the axle of the trailer.

    I did get 1/8 inch luan for underlayment (not approved for residential use - too thin, I guess, but I figured it would be OK for the camper) and nailed it down over the old vinyl. I then cut a paper pattern out of craft paper,fitted into the camper.

    Then I unrolled the uncut vinyl on the living room floor (it's wood floor) and taped the paper pattern to it. I used a rotary fabric cutter to cut the vinyl (worked better than a knife blade). I put a piece of leftover underlayment under each section as I was cutting so as not to cut my wood floor.

    The glue directions said to lay the vinyl in place, make sure it fit, and then roll back 1/2 of the vinyl and spread the glue.

    I found that with a camper, the hardest parts to fit were around the wheel wells and the gas lines, so it worked much better to do half and half lengthwise. I used my marble rolling pin to press out the bubbles, and having used the paper pattern, there was very little trimming needed.

    I did have a bit of a problem with the door fitting - as the underlyament and new vinyl were thicker, but what I did was cut the underlayment back from the door about 1 1/2 ", and laid the vinyl down over the edge and under the old threshold, so it kind of 'stepped down' to almost the old level.

    I have step-by step photos posted on my Webshots page - the floor turned out GREAT! under 'starcraft interior remodel'

    I re-did some of the cabinets before we left on our Memorial Day weekend, and some I had to put back in as they were - but eventually, I think I will be remaking all of the cabinets.

    I really like how the dinette cabinets turned out - I faced them with cedar closet liner - very light and it makes the camper smell wonderful!


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    we did the 1foot adhesive tiles and looked great for the first yr . this yr they are popping up. looking back they look great but i get to redo it now so i myself would go with sheet flooring . my wife wants to put carpet in but we are not doin that .

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