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    Jun 3, 2019
    End of May to early June we made a trip integrating camping and family visits across multiple states. We liked all of the parks that we camped in and hope to return sometime to spend more time in each.
    1. Cumberland Mountain SP, TN (Super helpful Ranger): one night.
    2. Claytor Lake SP, Dublin VA: one night
    3. Chippokes Plantation State Park, Surry VA: two nights (Base Camp for family wedding and associated events)
    4. Little Bennett Campground, Clarksville, MD: three nights (nice park. Base Camp for PopUp while we visited family and a couple of D.C. sites.
    5. Private Campground near Pigeon Forge TN: 3 nights (I promised my cousin who found it not to divulge the name of the campground. Sorry.) Base camp for spending a couple of days of driving tours and picnics as my cousins introduced us to this side of the Great Smokey Mountain National Park.
    6. Village Creek State Park, Wynne AR: one night (very cool trail)
    "Home again, home again, jiggety-jig."

    GSMNP Cabin IMG_9452.jpg Flame Azalea SMNP IMG_9377.jpg usandcamper at Village Creek SP AR.jpg fungi Village Creek SP AR DSCN8921.jpg camoflage Village Creek SP AR DSCN8920.jpg
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    Thanks for posting photos Tom. Glad you had a nice trip!

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