WA - Kalaloch or South Beach Campgrounds


Apr 5, 2011
I'm planning to reserve a couple of nights at either Kalaloch or South Beach Campgrounds and am wondering if there are specific sites that are good for pups or areas that I should avoid. I see that there are no hookups available so that's not a worry; just want to find a good spot for our smallish pup! It'll be the first time camping there with my littles - I've only tent camped with my DH before.



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Mar 8, 2011
The main thing I remember about Kalaloch campground is that it was overrun with raccoons. But it's nicely accessible to the beach (down a series of stairs). It's much more scenic than South Beach, which is pretty much a field with camping spaces.


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May 20, 2008
Seattle, Washington
I've never stayed there because I don't do reservations but I think Kalaloch (Olympic National Park) has a few sites that are right along the top of the bluff with dramatic ocean views. Of course, these are the first to go and are almost impossible to get. I think you'd like just about any site there. One problem though: it's already mid-May. If you haven't made a reservation yet you may have difficulties. I understand that it's pretty much booked solid months in advance.

There is another place farther south called Pacific Beach State Park that you might consider as an alternative. It is also heavily booked in advance, though.

BTW, Travelhoveler, raccoons are a constant presence on the Olympic Peninsula and in the Cascades.


Apr 5, 2011
We're looking at a Monday - Friday camping trip in August and I was really surprised by how many sites are still available at Kalaloch, including one on top of the bluff. My concerns about that spot are the wind, and visions of my kids tumbling down the bluff!!!

Thanks for the tips about South Beach and Pacific Beach State Park- much appreciated.