WA - The Dalles CG (Mt. Baker/Snoqualmie NFS CG)

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    The Dalles CG, Site #35

    This campground is located along the White River in old growth forest. It is close to several trails including the Skookum Flats trail and the Suntop Trail #1183. Each campsite has a picnic table and fire ring.

    How I found it was from this link:

    • 13 miles north of White River Entrance
    • Elevation 2,200 feet, 45 sites.
    • One 2-50 people group site.
    • Fee. Piped water. Reservable.
    • Open Memorial Day through Labor Day.

    So on Saturday my lovely GF and I headed out on our FIRST excursion with our Classic '74 Coleman Somerset. We had planned to visit the legendary "White River CG" which is in the Mt. Ranier NP, but upon arrival at 0900, we were out-of-luck. "All full up" says the ranger. So we wandered down 123 toward the Longmire/Paradise CG, but received the same warm welcome.

    Not to be thwarted, I recalled along Rt 410 there was a few other campgrounds, some more primitive than others. We headed back North-ish up 123, back to 410 headed West by North... by now we were 2hrs wandering around the gorgeous mountain highways, and well nature was calling. We stopped at one of THE WORST vault toilets I've ever seen.. yay... now back on the road and a few miles to "The Dalles".

    When we arrived at the campground, there was a HUGE, luxurious MoHo parked at the Host site. We stopped to check in, using the provided envelopes, and the Host was super gracious. He came out to greet us, and took the time to explain how the loop was situated, and that there were more than just a few available sites. He directed us to site 35 as he was aware the current occupants were almost ready to leave. He also said that some of the currently available sites were available due to proximity to hwy 410. He was right, the back of the site pretty much butted against the road.

    We wandered around the loop to find our site, and situated ourselves for "waiting" in the next site, it took me about 5 minutes to back into... holy cow backing up is hard...

    The couple was really nice, and they let us know when they were out so we could grab the site - as it turned out we didn't really need to be so focused on losing the site to other potential campers... Next to us was a gigantic MoHo, the occupants of which never left. They watched T.V. pretty much the whole time?!

    Site #35 was HUGE, but only had a small backup area. After the ordeal of trying to back up yet again, I managed to get the PUP situated and backed in. But we needed to rotate 90 degrees due to the length and the slope. The campers across the street were more than happy to help!


    Here's how level we got it! (how'd I do? [LOL] )

    All in all the PUP was great, set-up/take-down took very minimal effort as compared to tent camping. I think we're ready for the road trip!
    See here: http://www.popupportal.com/index.php?topic=62948.msg538330#msg538330
    And here: http://www.popupportal.com/index.php?topic=62236.msg530538#msg530538

    The site was huge, neighbors were FAR away, and we butted up right next to the river bank. Couldn't have slept any better.
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    Awesome trip and who cares how level it was as long as you had fun !

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