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    Nancy Glass Productions, a television production company in Philadelphia, is seeking couples and families to appear in an HGTV Special being shot at the Pennsylvania Hershey RV Show in September 16th-18th 2010.

    Those chosen will be followed around the show as they “shop” for RVs. Buying an RV is NOT required! What is required is the love of RV'ing and big personalities! Each family or couple will be filmed over the course of a single day as they look at vehicles, try out new features, and talk to the camera about their experiences. The idea is to give viewers a consumer perspective on the RVs rather than just one of a salesperson.

    We are looking for three families of all shapes and sizes to feature. They need not have children. A fun and outgoing personality is the most important trait, however, having an interest in and a little knowledge of the RV world doesn’t hurt either. Also, we are looking for one more “expert” family or couple who does really have experience in the RV world. An important side note, the folks we feature don’t actually have to be in the market to buy, just act like they are.

    Interested parties should email photos and a brief description of themselves and their family to: bmakatche@nancyglassproductions.com

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