Wanted: free or extremely cheap pup


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Mar 11, 2010
Western NC
I Have not had much time with selling our house, moving and building a campground.....o_O
I started a thread hoping to get some ideas or leads and it didnt go very far...


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Sep 22, 2011
Yes it is true, the saga does continue. Because of the good graces of several individuals in getting us this camper, I was able to help transform that energy in to hope, hope that lead me into a drive to once again succeed and focus on the future. My business took off and I am now fully focused on helping others enjoy the great outdoors as much as we do.

Last month, an opportunity presented itself to us to get a newer hybrid camper. I can only think that because of the deal we ran across, Pam was once again looking over us. I took the opportunity as a sign that it was time to move forward and offer this same good grace to someone else.

So, now the question comes of who? Something we have thought long and hard about. We have heard the many suggestions and I have listened (silently) to the many comments. We are still currently seeking the right individual. Maybe one with a similar situation and maybe not. Maybe one with a completely different set of challenges. But the bottom line is that this camper WILL be making a new journey to a new home soon!

Again, I can't say thank you enough to the many people to who helped us. Those that sent cards, messages, emails, helped in the travel legs of the camper, those that prayed for us, all of you will always hold a very special place in our hearts! For you all wholeheartedly aided in my survival and gave me that chance to come back as a stronger individual. With tears yet again in my eyes, I say thank you...

Lately, we will still be looking, searching, thinking, praying and hunting to find the right person, but once we do, the silence will be lifted and we will join another member into these good graces!


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Sep 22, 2011
Well folks we have some great news!!! We have located the PUPs new owner!

Through some research and heavy effort to locate the appropriate individual we have found someone suitable to take control of this camper. I was informed by some fellow retired LEO's that there was a younger gentlemen (a couple of years younger than me) that had moved from LA after Katrina. Although he wasn't in the direct impact, he still lost a lot and chose to leave the area. Since living here locally, this young man has made a mission out of hunting for the needy. Every year, John fulfills his hunting tags and donates all of the meat to local shelters and food pantrys.
John was recognized last year for his efforts through a local police department and had been joined by several retired officers in his mission.
Unfortunately John doesn't have much money himself and is unable to work full time because of a medical condition similar to mine. In the past, John has slept in his jeep or in a tent for days on end trying to fulfill orders for meat for the shelters that he is providing to. John has not received a dime for his efforts and yet still makes it his mission to carry on this work.
Once I heard of this, I reached out to John telling him that I wanted to interview him for a story on his work (I know sneaky sneaky). I met with John on two occasions and even had him take me to his favorite hunting spot to see if this would be appropriate. Well guess what, John spent some time last year clearing an area on some land he received permission to hunt on to get his Jeep in and pitch his tent. I took some measurements and the area is the perfect size for the PUP.
Yesterday, I had one final meeting with John. I took him out to lunch and made him two offers (yes two). First and foremost, John had expressed how much he loved working with his hands but because he could only work two to three hours a day, he was having a hard time finding anyone that would hire him. We took care of that request and John will now be working with us when he is able. Second, I asked John if he ever thought of getting a camper to stay in while he was hunting and he said "yea, I have dreamed of getting an old popup camper out here just to get me off the ground." I told him, "We are going to take care of that for you" and I showed him a picture of the PUP. At first John was skeptical and asked what the catch was. When I told him the real reason I reached out to him and that the only catch was that when he was able to get his own, we would rehome this unit once again to someone else for free, his eyes lit up with tears.
John is a very kind hearted individual. One who gets along with anybody and one who does what he does because he knows it's right, not because of glory. So therefor, this up coming week, John will receive his new camper, along with some supplies that have been donated by several local groups and retired officers!
Another happy ending here folks and we could not be more proud!!!!!


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Feb 22, 2018
Worcester Area, MA
I just found this thread now. I must say that i have chosen to join one amazing group of people. You are all very special people who do amazing things for each other. This is such an amazing story and i am glad that i read every word of it. I hope this Pup's story continues as it is an amazing story that needs to continue.

Sorry to learn of RotnMom's passing through this as she seemed like one heck of an amazing person who I am sorry i never got the chance to interact with.


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Oct 1, 2014
South Central New Hampshire
I missed this somehow and am amazed at the amount of love members have shown with this adventure! To think this happened with a bunch of folks that met on the internet! I just emptied a box of kleenex.


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Mar 25, 2013
Man! I have been gone too long. Barefoot and every portal member I am so proud of you! The spirit lives on the portal. Thank you Jeremy! Plus it is nice to read Steve H. Is back on the portal. We sold our pup last month, sold less than 24 hrs. Txbum

eric sprague

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Mar 28, 2018
I have rebuilt one here in Alaska from basically the ground up, so if that's a choice you make I will gladly give any advice and help I can, thank you for all that you did, and continue to do, I grew up in a military family and have many friends with PSTD, any help they are willing to give you at work, TAKE IT.!!!, anything you can do, DO IT, time does heal some wounds, but not all. But as far as the camper/pop up, its really easier then you can imagine, I'm almost done with ours and will post pics soon, well done except for the CAMO wrap on the exterior. Thank you again for your service.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Sep 6, 2018
Wow! I am a new member to this group and just finished reading through this tread. A simple search about popup details lead me here, so I thought I would join and maybe learn something as I am interested in buying a popup soon.
What I never expected was to find a group of people with so much love and compassion for a fellow member. Simply Amazing that someone reaching out for help recieved so much from so many. It is truly a blessing to read that human compassion is still alive and strong in our world.
Texbum I would like to add my thanks to you for your generous gift of the pup.
Rotnmom, what a special lady she was. Organizing and giving of her time, you can feel through these posts her love and excitement to help.
I feel blessed to have found this group and excited to read and learn more. When I am able to buy my own pup I will be better equipped to get what I want from the knowledge I have acquired here, and hopefully be able to contribute to the group.


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Sep 19, 2018
League City, Texas USA.
Okay this thread is TL:DR, and I unfortunately do not have a pop up to offer, especially that far away from Texas, having said that, your story is amazing, and thank you for what you do. Camping yes, is very much a therapuetic activity, while my stresses aren't the same as yours, I'm dealing with some whoppers this year (wife 2 months hospitalized, ongoing treatments, 14 funerals for friends and family this year alone etc...) so I know about the overwhelmed thing.

You have options though. If you already have a decent tow vehicle, Craigslist is a great source of low $$ pop ups. There are a couple near me, that require a little bit of work (one has ceiling panel issues that can be esily fixed, the other that springs to mind, needs a new fridge, a $50.00 dorm fridge would fill the bill and run off battery / Inverter for any vacation assuming you use a battery tender or solar charger during the day, and they are going for less than $1,000.00, one is at $500.00 the other is $875.00.

Check your local Craigslist for older models on the cheap and keep checking.

Another option, depending on the tow vehicle of course, is camper shell camping with a pickup truck. Used Camper shells seem to be $100.00 all day long around here anyway. An air mattress in the bed of a truck and away you go!

And there is always tent Camping. Sometimes some folks are fussy about that, but it can be very comfortable. Yard sales can be great sources of super cheap gear.

However you go about it, get out and do some camping, your family, heart, mind and soul will thank you for it!