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Discussion in 'Going to the DARK SIDE' started by TNTtravelers, Mar 18, 2015.

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    Well...after popping up for few years and really enjoying being able to travel around, late last year we decided to buy a camper on a seasonal campsite in MN called Springvale. Last year we only had about 6 weeks and most of that was spent cleaning out the old stuff that came with it, tearing out the icky landscaping, buying a golf cart...etc. It has a structure over it and basically a 3 season room "attached" to it that needs to be leveled. Not sure how the b/f will do that.

    While we are looking forward to the opening of the season, we do miss our pop up. I've been looking forward to redecorating the camper to suit our style. The sellers moved in to the site next door. DBF already fixed the interior fridge for relatively cheap (of course, it wasn't what we first thought so now we have a spare part...but oh well)

    Also looking forward to getting back to looking at the mods on here. And gotta love pinterest!

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