We found it. Sleeping under canvas. In a hybrid.


happy, happy
Jun 21, 2012
Champaign Illinois
We found our special camper. We were looking all over for our special camper. We wanted a place to sleep without having to set up every night. ie. Walmart camping. We really like sleeping outdoors, ie. under canvas. We wanted to be able to use the bath facilities without setting up. We wanted a light colored interior. I was tired of having to get a flashlight out every time I opened a cabinet door. We wanted something new or close to that. A slide is a must too. So what did we get, but a Bullet Crossfire by Keystone 2019 model 2190EX. We are tent campers that just got too old to sleep on the ground. Then we decided we wanted to travel so the popups we had weren't going to cut it. Having to set up completely would be a negative. I wanted to keep our slide to because we got to enjoying the extra space when dinning or having company over. Hybrids seamed to be the only solution. I wanted to keep my outdoor kitchen but I would trade that for a couple of good Battle Born batteries. I didn't get the batteries but I could order them so I did. I found that the bath fan tho is not enough fan to close up the ends so I'm ordering a fantastic fan next. I am so happy now. My next project will be designing an outdoors kitchen. I have water on the entrance side and under the awning at the shower connection area. there is also an electrical plug there as well. lights will be provided by a strip track light under the awning. Yea I think I have the perfect camper now. Well in just a bit. Yes I really think so now. Cant wait to get back on the road. After Christmas, here we come warm weather. Two or three months of testing should be testing enough.


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Nov 26, 2013
it is always to nice to find your perfect camper - have a great time.
Our Shamrock came with two fan-tastic fans. they work really well to suck in the canvas when closing up.