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    Oct 18, 2017
    This spring I discovered the website It has been amazing. This is our 5th trip this year and we have not been disappointed. My 6 year old will tell (correctly) that free campsites are better than paid ones. Maybe it’s because we live in Utah with tons of free BLM land and national forests but there are so many dispersed campsites that are so spacious, flat for a trailer, and almost always have fire pits.
    One night we had to stay in one near a highway so that wasn’t ideal, but I usually use their gps coordinates and use Google maps to survey what the sites look like. (shade, distance from the road noises, turn around spots)

    I feel so much more relaxed at these free sites because we’re way more spread out (RV parks are like parking lots and other developed campsites are close)

    Here’s a little taste of the site we have tonight. I can see lights far in the distance which is kinda nice to know we’re not too far from help. But no one is going to be walking through our site to get to the bathroom. And we won’t be hearing anyone else’s music or the bathroom door banging in the middle of the night.

    Oh, and our vacations now only cost as much as the gas to get there. (Utah campsites are usually $23 for typical campgrounds and $50+ for anything with hookups. Someone recently was shocked at the $23 but it’s all I know.)

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    It doesn't get much better than that - thank you for sharing the photos and the website.
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