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    Hey everybody, the Weekly Photo has returned at last! When we moved to the new forum software, a lot of the custom mods were lost. Now with the latest update to the galley software, we can once again have members upload their best camping photos directly to PUP. Here are the scoop:

    • Photos should be within the general theme of the web site, I.E. camping and related outdoor activities or scenery/nature.
    • Photos should not be of people, remember, this is the Internet.
    • All photos must be in JPG, GIF, or PNG formats.
    • The photos may be in either portrait or landscape orientation.
    • Each week a new photo will be selected for display on the web site.
    • Photo selection will be based on the mood of the Camp Director that day. :) [:(]
    • If your photo is selected for display, you win bragging rights, so tell all your friends.
    • Not all photos submitted will be displayed.
    • By submitting a photo, you are agreeing to allow PopUpPortal.com to use your photo royalty free on the web site and in printed material distributed or sold by PopUpPortal.com.

    When submitting your photo, don't forget to include a title and description. Click Here to go to the upload page.

    Here are the last few photos submitted.
    [smg id=1 type=album align=center]

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