weight limit on beds


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Aug 7, 2019
It's not 150lbs. That's less than one full sized adult. It's usually about 1000lbs based on manufacturer. I couldn't find anything in the owners manual and brochure for your trailer. The next step is to contact them, which you apparently already did. So you have a real stumper there.
https://www.dutchmen.com/resources/media/user/ownermanual/1539843836_brcfile_2015 Dutchmen Owners Manual.PDF
Thanks. We found the label on the bed and it says 1100 pounds.

Grandpa Don

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Sep 5, 2018
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There are stickers at each of the bunks on my 07 coachmen clipper 086 that read; 1200lbs max. on front bunk and 1000lbs max. on rear bunk however I don't think I would even come close to testing that. You should contact the manufacturer of your make and model or a dealer. [2C]
I have a 2003 Viking model 1906 with the same markings on the bunks. 1000 on one and 1200 on the other. Even though I know that it still scares me to move way out to the end of the bunk at night. I'm only 250 lbs, but I still stay pretty much to the inside. Just a big scaredy-cat I guess!