West Hawk & Falcon Lake Campgrounds (Whiteshell Provincial Park)


Mar 30, 2022
Winnipeg, MB
I grew up going to this campground (West Hawk). My grandmother and uncle had a seasonal site and I have many fond memories of summers here.

The beach is fantastic, but the water is very cold as the lake is over 365ft deep, formed by a meteor. There is a diving platform further out off the beach, and plenty of concessions nearby within a short walk of both the beach and campground.

Cellular service can be a bit spotty sometimes, but generally available (including data) depending on where you are. Both offer amenities and gas stations.

The campground itself offers both serviced and non-serviced site. It is relatively well appointed and all the sites are just a very short walk to the beach. If you stay near the "Cats Ass" beach, you'll find many SCUBA divers enjoying the underwater structures (man-made and natural) including a very deep (and dark) wall dive. Many training sessions and certification dives happen here throughout the summer.

There are plenty of trails to explore. I remember as a kid with our campground friends we'd see every year, exploring all sorts of trails, picking wild blueberries, and getting into mischief. Also, within a close drive within the park, are many other lakes and bird sanctuaries to explore (Caddy Lake, Star Lake, etc.). If you have a canoe or boat, there's some tunnels that connect some of the lakes. Fishing is fantastic on all of these lakes .... trout, bass, perch, nothern pike, walleye, sauger, lake trout, etc ...

Falcon Lake campground is just a few minutes down the road and offers a wonderful golf course, a very small strip mall, and has some beautiful beaches of it's own. There are stables at Falcon Lake for horse back trips, including overnight ones to High Lake.

A few minutes in the other direction just before the Ontario border, you'll find Lyons and Camp Lake. Both offer some fantastic rainbow trout fishing. Lyons has a dock and is immediately accessible from a parking lot. Camp Lake is about a 10-15 minute hike in, but very peaceful and great for fishing / flying fishing using belly boats.

Some long weekends are "dry" so be sure to check before bringing alcohol.

Please remember that park passes are required for both West Hawk Lake and for Falcon Lake.