West Lake CG, Red Feather Lakes

Discussion in 'Colorado' started by BaysideJim, May 2, 2016.

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    Stayed here last fall and had a great time, Much quieter than the nearby Dowdy Lake CG..

    West Lake Campground is 48 miles northwest of Fort Collins there is canoeing, fishing and hiking right from the CG. It is on the shore of West Lake, the elevation is 8,200 feet.

    Due to the mountain pine beetle infestation and removal of hazardous trees, some sites have reduced shade.
    Not far away is a cool Fire spotting tower you can climb for spectacular views...

    There are 31 campsites, with electric hookups. Five additional sites are designated for tent camping only

    Vault toilets and drinking water are provided. Firewood may be gathered in the forest or purchased from the campground host.

    The small village of Red Feather Lakes is nearby, offering limited dining options, gift shops, general stores, a library, post office and golf course.
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    We're heading to West Lake in August. I'm really looking forward to the quiet and hope to catch a few fish while I'm there. I didn't see anything about showers onsite. Is there any place nearby to shower? Any recommendations for side trips or anything else we should do while there? [:)C]
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    Jim, long ago in the dim ages, I was a reserve deputy with the Larimer County Sheriff. Worked full time during the summer. Patrolled the Red Feather area, Cherokee Park, and the Laramie River Valley. I stopped at the lookout- it was manned in those days- as a major thunderstorm was brewing up. The ranger handed me a pair of ear muffs and insisted I stay through the storm. The tower acts as a lightning rod. Very impressive!

    Equally impressive was the way the lookout calmly plotted azimuths to each major bolt that struck in the area. He explained he would sight down those lines a couple of times a day for at least three days checking for smoke. Now all that is done by radar.

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