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Jul 17, 2008
Just installed the all new 12 volt system in a 88 coleman columbia and I'm working on the photo tutorial which should be up any day....

I do have a couple questions and I can't seem to find it in the owner's manual or written anywhere.

My new 8725 converter (starting from the bottom and working my way up the DC side of the fused output section) has a reverse polarity 30 AMP fuse (preinstalled at the factory) a red wire (which has a line of print that says positive feed from battery) and then three wires (blue, orange and yellow, I believe). When I first connected everything up, I couldn't figure out why a branch circuit wasn't working...then I read the face of the area where it said "Red wire is positive feed from battery" and figured out with a multi-meter that the red wire needed a fuse in it to feed the 3 circuits above it. I put in a 20 AMP fuse on this ciruit and the unit's fan fired up for a split second and the branch ciruit (an overhead light in the camper) works great. My question is this...what size fuse should I install into the red wire's feed (positive from battery terminal)? Right now it is a 20 AMP-er.

Also, I noted some things that I had to do differently. Since I only have a need for one branch ciruit for AC and it feeds an outlet only, I installed a 15amp circuit breaker and have the pig tail feeding this ciruit. I'm assuming that the other side of the this "pigtail" wire (the side that enters the converter on the inside of the panel) is a line used to feed the converter AC so that it can change it to DC in the charging of the battery?

My shore line power cord is only rated at 15 amp (it says it on the cord itself) so I thought it prudent to have only one breaker and a breaker that is rated at 15amps. I plan on getting a 30 AMP power cord soon, but for now...I don't see the point, unles...

Another question, the owners manual says to have the converter connected to 30 amp service and test to see if the converter is charging the battery. You would do this with a multi-meter and at the battery connection lines. If all is well, it should read 13.6volts output. Will it not charge if connected to 15 amp 110volt AC outlet? I haven't connected the Shore Power yet, just in case it would mess something up.

Thanks ahead of time!



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Jun 5, 2005
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The battery charger question can be answered by experiment. If the AC voltage is not sufficient to operate the converter/charger, the battery charge won't be high enough. Use a meter across the battery, measure without the AC, then plug in the AC and check the voltage. It should read higher unless your battery is fully charged.

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Oct 14, 2004
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A 20A fuse in the battery charge (RED) lead should be OK but a 30A fuse would be ideal. That would cover all the potential charge or discharge current the Inverter is capable of.
A 15A service should be all you need unless you are running an AC or heater. Test for battery charging with a 15A service should work normally.

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Sep 13, 2008
Looks like all the information your looking for can be found here>

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Jul 17, 2008
I'm happy to report that the charging part of the convertor works fine when plugged into a 15AMP service. I read 13.56 at the battery (a new one)when plugged in and the battery was 12.77 without the convertor connected to it.

I'm still trying to figure out why the LED lights on the converter don't light up? Are they supposed to be lit when there is a something drawing power (like an overhead light)? I've got two lights hooked up to a circuit and they work, but the LED on the panel doesn't illuminate when they are both turned on???? Confusing...


May 21, 2007
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Are you talking about the led's by the fuse holders? If you are, the only time they light is when a fuse is blone on a circuit...

If the fuse is good on a circuit it will not light.

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Mar 20, 2009
My 2008 Fleetwood Yuma has this converter from the factory, and the battery circuit has a 20A fuse. Also, on the AC side it has a 30A main breaker, a 15A breaker that powers the converter, another 15A breaker for the GFCI protected outlets, and a 20A breaker for the AC outlet. Shutting off the 30A main AC breaker kills all the outlets and the charging part of the converter, and shutting off only the 15A breaker for the converter leaves the AC outlets on but shuts off the charging function. This is useful when you want to change out your battery without shutting off your AC outlets.

I installed an automotive ammeter in line with my red circuit going to the battery so I can read the charge or discharge current any time I want. I also put an automotive voltmeter on there with a switch. It worked out slick, I'll have to take a picture of it.