What age did you start camping with your kids?


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May 25, 2015
Ashburn, VA
daschnoz said:
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We're late bloomers. I never camped as a kid while my wife has some memories of a truck camper. We never camped as a couple and bought our PUP rather impulsively last year (that tends to be our SOP). The girls were 7 & 9. We've been on close to 10 trips and have never looked back!


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Jul 28, 2016
My oldest was 10 months, in a pop up with my parents, My 2nd started when he was 4 and my daughter was 7 months and we were tent camping. Once my daughter and her twins at 9 mos. started camping with us, we abandoned the tent and rented cabins -- primarily because of the black bears in the park.
As long as you have proper protection for them -- they loose body heat quicker and can't really be in a sleeping bag - they do fine. I always brought a play pen and netting to go over it. Camping with kids under 18 mos, does require a few more things to pack, but I thought it was worth it.
Our youngest grandson was just 5 mos when he took his first camping trip.
We always kept a separate "emergency" case of just baby/kids stuff - insect repellants, baby tylenol, hurricane for teething, etc.


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Jul 24, 2016
Since they were in the oven. My wife and I would camp while she was pregnant. Our 2nd is 2 months old and on his 3rd month we have planned a trip camping to test out our new camper. Just so he is initiated...we are also bringing our tent for a night in the tent...just so he can say he went tent camping at 3 months old.


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Nov 28, 2015
We camped with our first, till he was weened, then did very little camping with him till he was 2 or 3 and potty trained.

his younger sister started camping with us at about 2 as well.
Seems to be when it's more fun than work, at least in our family.


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Oct 9, 2015
We camped with both our kids for the first time when they were 2 months old. The first camping trip with our oldest was why we bought the pop-up. Just felt cleaner and we needed more indoor space. We went with the attitude that we are going to continue our lifestyle and as a result we have two awesome kids that now at 4 and 6 can climb, ski and ride bikes with us!


Jul 6, 2015
I agree with Nandy. I don't complain to anyone about the baby crying, but it is not relaxing for those of us without kids.

We started my son when he was 3. He loved it till he was 15. And he will love it again someday

I had a neice whose toddler accidentally tripped into the fire ring and got burned... Something else to think about.

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Sep 20, 2016
Our maiden voyage last weekend included my 6 month old and 21 month old in a nearby State Park CG.

Although keeping the toddler wrangled proved to be a chore (as it normally is anyway) everything went very well.

She slept with us in the bed and the 6mo slept just fine in the pack and play.

Temperatures were down into the low 40s overnight but the furnace worked fantastically and I don't think I've ever slept better "camping" in my life.

It would have been easier to contain the toddler if we'd have had our awning and screen patio, but just days before we left I attempted to unzip and unroll the awning and found that the zipper had been compromised. I found a local upholstery shop to do the work but I won't have it back until this week sometime.

I am considering making a play yard out of 36" plastic garden fence for the kids next season.


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Jul 28, 2014
We started tent camping in the backyard around 3 - although I think it was at least a year until they made it the full night. At 5 we got the pup, and have been going as much as we can since (going on year three of pup camping)


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Nov 28, 2014
Central Oregon
Two boys in my family. Both started after diapers but before kindergarten. I'll say age4. Both now newly grown. One is an avid camper in his own right. The other when we do something in his opinion ultra cool or Mrs. Aruba says "Go watch your father he's too old/it's too dangerous to go there/do that by himself [CP]"


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Oct 16, 2016
My daughter was around 3 months old for her first trip. My son was 7 months for his and it was a 3 week trip to California from Indiana. They both did great.

Have fun! [PU] [TV]


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Feb 11, 2010
Bought a new pup First born at age 1. Bought a used hybrid when baby #2 was in oven. 6 years later. Divorced and part time dad. Bought a used pup for wacky weekends camping.


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May 8, 2011
Florida by way of WV and MD
Two of my kids were camping by the time they were a month old. Due the time of the year they were born the other two started between 3 and 6 months old. All four were raised tent camping. We never owned any kind of camper until the oldest was grown and youngest was around 10 or so.


Feb 26, 2017
I say yes go for it. Never to Early to start passing on the camping bug to your family. Just take precautions. Babies need shade and warmth so shade covers and layers ozzie bundle at night. They tent to kick off blankets so keeping them covered is hard. Also no sunscreen for sometime. So shade, hats and such are nice. Easy way to carry them. I think it gets harder when they are crawling harder to contain them and keep them clean. We didn't even bother till my youngest was 4 I think. And then was tent camping her first time was a week. Now mine are 9 and 11 years old, we have a pop up and we get out every month. My girls start asking to get back out if we take 2 months off, makes us so happy we have passed down the love of camping and taking care of the outdoors. We even go in the rain, empty sites and the sound of the rain on our trailer beats the 100s we face in the summer!


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Apr 24, 2012
Rochester NY
We started camping when our children were 8 and 5. We had a Coleman Sun Valley and everyone pitched in to set it up. The children were free to go to the playground whn the set-up was complete.
Fast forward to their married years. My oldest Daughter had twins and a new camper. With the twins 1 month old, She packed them up and with the help of her DS and BIL and DGP (us), she took her new camper out with them. Her DH had to work so he missed out on the fun. It went well however.
My youngest daughter found out she was pregnant the day before a family trip. Not sure it counts but my youngest grandson was camping at 4 months old.
All the grand children are now older. The twins are 6, almost 7 and my youngest is 4. They all look forward to going camping. Especially with PaPa, who's a putz and will get them anything they want at the camp store. In fact my youngest grandson asked last week if the weather was good to go camping. A man after my own heart!!
It's great my children have grasped the camping bug and are passing it on to their children. I'm sure, like my children, there will come a time where they don't want to camp with mom and dad. But hopefully, after the teens, they will find that enjoyment that we all like. CAMPING!!


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Jul 26, 2016
Middlesex, New Jersey
Our first camping trip with our son, was when he was 9 months old last year. We always go to knoebels(a campground in Pa with an amusement park attached) in July. We bought our first pop up then because I didn't want to be in a tent with a 9 month old. Of course it was the hottest year at Knoebels that we have had in a long time. It was still 80 degrees at 7:30 at night when we were trying to put him to sleep. We were in the popup sweating bullets. I cant wait for this year, he should be able to go on the little kiddie rides.


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Mar 19, 2013
Jacksonville, FL
I thought I had added my 2 cents earlier to this but after a review I realize that I hadn't so I guess it's my turn.
It started when I had to find something to keep my DD's occupied (4 & 2 at the time) when my DW had a hair appointment on a beautiful Saturday morning in January.

Pulling out an old (from 1979) 3 man tent I put it on the enclosed back patio and the girls were so thrilled they didn't even kiss Mom good-bye. That led to spending the night with the oldest every Friday and Saturday night until I bought a 6-man tent in Mid-March. After a year of tent camping I found us our PUP and we're still going strong but looking for a newer model and the girls are now 9 & 7 and can't wait as in 2 wks we're off on another trip.