What are your camping Christmas gift ideas?


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May 28, 2018
I know I'm the odd man on this, but I can't stand those zero gravity chairs. I was never able to get comfortable in them. I prefer my good old coleman quad chairs. I do also have a sherpa butterfly chair from kohls. I like it because on a cold night, my seat stays warm.


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Sep 9, 2013
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Willie and Mary, how much larger is that Caravan chair when folded compared to a standard folding lawn chair?

Good question. Amazon says it is 5.3 inches wider than standard zero-gravity chair. They are probably a little longer too but not significantly. We also have two "standard" zero-gravity chairs. We store them folded up against the wall in the storage shed with the camper. The bigger ones are no taller than the standards leaning against the wall.
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Jan 27, 2015
peru new york
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Nov 7, 2013
At my office Christmas party we all bring in a $25 gift and do a gift swap. This year I might go to the dispensary and bring a big blunt.


Jun 5, 2018
I am hoping for a 2 burner Blackstone griddle. I received the 17" last year but would love the 22" 2 Burner. I would love to regulate the heat more when cooking multiple sides. Hashbrowns going slow on one side and the bacon and eggs on a higher heat on the other side.


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People ask me what I want for Christmas, Birthday, Fathers Day, and Anniversary. I tell them every occasion that if it's an affordable item for a gift and I want it there is two categories. One I already bought it and two it's on my Amazon wish list. There are items ranging from $5.00 to just over $100.00 organized by desirability. In the six years I've had the list I have received two items from the list. The rest of the gifts were what someone thought I would like and are sitting on a shelf or in a closet somewhere collecting dust. It's really a shame because the things on the list are things I would truly like to have and would actually use.

When I was a young single man I fixed occasions. I told everyone to not buy me a gift. Instead take the money you were going to spend on a gift for me and apply it to something you really want for yourself, because that's what I'm doing. After a couple years people took me at my word and for the most part stopped buying me gifts that I didn't use anyway and I bought some things I really wanted. Fast forward to old married man with kids/grandkids and I just can't seam to make that work anymore.

I guess I look a it differently. I have the means to buy myself any gift that anyone else is going to give me anyway. So the idea of a gift list that I expect people to pick from just seems wrong to me. I still give out suggestions, but some of my favorite gifts have been things I never would have thought to put on a list, or didn't even know existed.


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Mar 25, 2018
South Carolina
I guess I look a it differently. I have the means to buy myself any gift that anyone else is going to give me anyway.
I could buy anything and everything on the list. I don't actually need them, just would like to have them and would use them. I don't wait for someone to gift me things I need, I go buy them. I actually don't desire or expect a gift for occasions. For my birthday for example, I'd much rather have the people I care about most to come over and hang out. We could throw some food on the grill and maybe a couple beers, remember times gone by, and plan for future outings or get togethers. The only thing I need from the list is a new shower faucet for the PUP. It decided on the last outing that it was going to no longer fully shut off. I put it at the top of the list and if it isn't a present for Christmas I will order it the following day and remove it from the list. Most of the things are gadgets for camping or stuff I regularly use and require replacing from time to time like jigsaw blades, shopvac filters, mower blades, and trimmer string.


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Dec 9, 2013
San Diego
Camco has a nice line of "Life is better at the Campsite" items worth checking out. They are inexpensive but fun, something struggling college student can buy a parent.


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Aug 18, 2019
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The way the different people on this thread handle gift giving is interesting. There are three phases of an adult's life: accumulation, appreciation and divesting. We are at appreciation. I will not make up a gift list of things within your budget that will go on the shelf for two years then go to a local charity. If we desire/need something the purchase will be a choice within my budget.

The experience of a child opening a gift is magical. Our approach is if you are a child or a young person just starting out the gifts will continue. The joy of watching a two year old tear into a present is gift enough. So is the thought of helping someone who needs it. We do not desire material gifts. After all, what is the meaning of Christmas?

Part of this is rebellion against the commercialization of Christmas and it's meaning. Someone we share Thanksgiving with arrives with map in hand. At the end of the meal they run off with an itinerary of stores to hit and items to get. Will your gift make up for your absence?

So what do I want for Christmas? Your time. Thank you for your time and the knowledge imparted.

Merry Christmas.


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Dec 26, 2009
Albuquerque, NM
For a long time, our gift giving between has been pretty much utilitarian - often a house or camper gift. While we don't need more "stuff", useful things are of the age that they need replacing - and yes, a new kitchen appliance is appreciated by both of us as a house gift.
I gave my good friend a membership in Sisters on the Fly last year, and renewed it for her this year. Even though she can well afford it, giving it to her was a way to say - we will make time to go to a camping event together. (Her husband does not like to camp.)


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Mar 25, 2009
New Hampshire
I'm going to be honest here, I was recently thinking this just last week when the wife asked what I wanted and I gave her the usual, I don'r know nothing really. Then later I was thinking about gifts you get that you just don't need. Well I decided, you know I spend a good amount of cash on campsites, so a gift card for a weekend at some campground, or at a state park would be a perfect gift for someone like myself. Don't you think? You need my address to send the gift cards? Everyone, enjoy your holidays.