What Did You Do To/For Your Camper Today? - May 2011

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Jul 27, 2010
Today, we managed to re-thread the new awning bag I made and the awning back on to the PUP. Took a little bit of sweat and few #[email protected]%$ to get it done. Then just a few screws to hold it in and prevent it from flying away and tada!!! One of many mods finished.

the awning inside is the same color as the bag..... now I think I need to touch up the paint of the PUP to make it really standout.

My DH putting the screws in to keep it in place. (what a sweetheart [;)])

Let the summer begin....I need to get outta this city PDQ. I miss it and so does my 3 year old.... 'Daddy I wanna go camping and go to da beach" [:)C]


Mar 28, 2011
FYI... This is my very first PUP post. Today I pulled the front/tongue cover off, wire wheeled the tongue, and laid down fresh paint. She looks great now.


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Aug 17, 2009
removed the outside stove from it's water damaged board it was mounted on and put the channel and the brace onto a new piece to make a shelf that mounts there instead of the stove. still debating about what to do with the stove......might reassemble on a piece of plywood and set that on picnic table to cook on, or may purchase a new 3 burner freestanding or tabletop stove (leaning toward the new stove.)

wished for a "non-rainy" or at least a "light rain" weekend so we could actually pop it open in the backyard or SOMEWHERE!!



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Aug 17, 2009
oh wait....we did the stove/table in april.....and watched it rain.
AND watched in rain in may......



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Nov 1, 2007
Perry, MI
Got all the little bits and pieces together for the fresh water drain mod. Now to wait till the DW has her early shift (has to be at work by 3:00am!) and I am banished to the garage for the evening (not that I'm noisey or anything) and I can crwal around and put it all together.


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Jul 7, 2010
I'm on the count down!! The Manper will FINALLY get out from behind those storage gate's Friday [:D]
Then...the fun begins..poperopen, put all the new "toys" in and play a new mean game of tetris [LOL]
Dewinterize..and...prepare for the first trip out!!!!!


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Mar 26, 2010
I took the battery out of my garage and put it on the pop-up. Wanted to go to the local dealer to get a hitch for my new TV but I didn't make it there in time...

I also removed a small tree that is right near the current parking spot on the grass. The plan is to expand the asphalt driveway this season to fit the pop-up as well as another car. The driveway expansion will go right to the property line so we need to coordinate with the neighbors, but they have been very reasonable in the past.


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Mar 16, 2011
Elkins WV area
Installed SB-50 connectors on batteries, charger and extension cords. I can now charge batteries without removing cover to attach the charger. Jus plug and go


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Nov 30, 2010
cleared enough space in th garage to roll the pup back in. Suppose to get storms with hail tonight!


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May 3, 2011
Hubby sewed some black out drapes for those mornings you just want to lay around in bed [SNZ]

Bullfrog Bheer

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Feb 19, 2010
Central Wisconsin
Cleaned and re-lubed the whiffletree. I was kind of surprised that the cover only had nuts & bolts holding it on...don't know if that was original, but I added lockwashers.


Aug 31, 2010
I picked up a real nice satin Duvet cover at a thrift sale, took it home and measured the mattress in the PUP. Took out the good old sewing machine and sewed the Duvet cover to just the right size. Slipped it on over the mattress like a big pillow case...Now I have a satin cover over the mattress...... no slipping sheets for me.
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