What do you tow with your “5000 lb” limit

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    Excursions got some really soft springs for family hauling. Early ones were even shipped with load D tires instead of load E. A recall changed some to Load E many years ago. Either an F-series spring swap or air bags will raise the CCC to F-series levels as the axles, rims and tires are the same and the frames are identical. I always say mods can't change CCC but these are a unique circumstance and it can. I just go by axle max loading and scale weights when I was towing heavy with my EX, but with the PUP I never bothered to weigh it. The axle capacities can easily be found online for the Sterling axles. In short, Excursion weights were limited by their springs.

    Also the early hitches got smaller bolts that limited the hitch weight capacities. Installing 2003+ hitch bolts raise that capacity to the newer levels, hitch is the same. I'm sure someone will come back with "you're going to get sued" response so do it at your own risk :)


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