What made you decide to get a PUP?


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Nov 15, 2013
My wife and I both tent caped when we were younger, but both of us got away from it in our 20's.

We started getting back into it a fews years back with our son and some friends, and remembered what a fun (and cheap) time it can be. But like most that post here, the tent setup and the sleeping on the ground started to get old.

We just bought our first pup (our Xmas gift to ourselves), and can't wait for our first trip (but we'll probably wait until late winter or early spring). In the meantime, plenty of items for me to work on and update.


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Aug 18, 2013
AngryBeaver said:
Grew up with one when I was a kid (my parents had a Lionel then traded for an Avalon). Enjoyed a lot of tent camping after moving out. Now we have a toddler so it's easier with a popup. Also brings back memories from my childhood.

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.... and this reason too: (got to take everything out of the car to get to the cookware)


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Jul 19, 2007
My first ever camping trip was when I was only two weeks old...lol My parents had a small 18ft TT and we traveled all over the place with it in the summers, from Ontario to New Brunswick and Northern Quebec to Lower Vermont.. Loved it... As we kids got older, the family stopped camping as much, most of the time it was just me and dad camping in a tent.. In college I tent camped a bit (still have those two tents and most of the gear), Once me and the DW hooked up we tent camped a few times, even when the kiddos starting coming along we tent camped sometimes even taking the nephews along with us..

It was on one of these trips that it rained almost the complete weekend and on Sunday I woke up to 2 soaked tents, 3 soaked sleeping bags and a desent rain still coming down.. having to pack everything up wet and getting wetter .. I looked over two sites and watched as this other family in a pup not only woke up dry, but cooked and ate breakfast and loaded up the car all with minimal wetness ... In about 2hrs from the time I saw them outside starting to cook breakfast, they were ready to go... I decided right then and there we needed a trailer...

Fast forward about 6 years... we finally were able to afford a pup (with help from my parents) and while we loved the pup and it took us to many interesting places, some of those very same reasons I mentioned above came back and we decided to change our camping ways yet again. So two years ago we traded in our 2004 Palomino Mustang and bought a 2005 Outback 21RS ... This TT has taken us even farther to even more interesting places and has also allowed us to camp earlier and later in the season... Whats next on the horizon ??? Who know's maybe another TT in a few years or perhaps a nice 5'er (if my numbers come up in the lottery)..

We loved the pup and wouldn't change our original decision to buy one, it was a great learning tool to decide if we wanted something bigger like a TT and it was a fairly inexpensive way to get back into camping with the family ..

Guess you could say since my first camping trip to my current ones I have come full circle ...


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Oct 29, 2013
scubacamper said:
The wife wanted something with more comfortable sleeping and a better potty situation.

The potty situation is a big plus for us too...


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Nov 11, 2013
scubacamper said:
The wife wanted something with more comfortable sleeping and a better potty situation.

This was what we faced as well. Of course we tent camped for many years... and my DW set up our tent with end tables.. lamps... the whole yards... it was very nice... but we just happen to come across a pup and realized we could make it our own.. and we did! Night time and the potty was the biggest issue..for her, at least

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Aug 9, 2011
North Dakota
My family camped when I was a kid. When I had kids our first camper was a fiber-glass egg that I traded for a school bus that we converted to a camper. Camping every available weekend was how my kids grew up after they moved on we sold the bus bought a cargo trailer to pull behind the motorcycle which we still use to tent camp. We talked about a camper for some time not knowing if we really wanted to camp again then in 2011 we found a Popup (first PUC we have owned) and are fully enjoying camping again. The price and size were our biggest buying points in selecting a PUC, we have a small size TV.


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Nov 9, 2013
Thru the years we did the tent camping. Moved up to two different pop up's. Then two different travel trailers then came the motorhome. After the kids grew up and moved off sold it all and went to timeshare condos. Never really did get the camping bug out of me. Then surprise another kid come along he is now four years old and he made the comment he would like to go camping. Well now his much older brother and sister camped while growing up and still talk about some of the trips when we all get together. So we wanted a camper that we can keep at the house and can be towed with the vehicles we have now. A pop up fits the bill just perfect. After all we will use it on weekend trips only and use the timeshares for weeks trips. Well after one trip in it we already have a weeks trip planed and really looking forward to making a rally or two this next year. I think my wife has missed camping as much as I have. Yes! So much for the time shares! Oh yea! The four year old loves camping.
Sorry so long.


Apr 5, 2013
We bought our 2006 Fleetwood Tucson in order to extend our camping season from early spring to early winter. Love camping but time is limited with the 3 kiddos schedules so needed more weekends :)


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Jan 27, 2012
DW and I tent camped while dating and the first couple years of our marriage. When we started having kids, we had to pile more and more junk in our vehicle, along with the tent and everything else. Buying the pup made a whole lot more sense and we would NEVER go back (unless we are backpacking).


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Jul 7, 2013
We enjoy back packing, but not sleeping over. In the PUP, inflate the air mattress and it doesn't get any better.


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Apr 21, 2012
After years of tent camping my back wanted off the ground. Though I still do tent camping in remote areas occasionally. Also with 2 kids the pup is ideal . If its raining they can sit at the table and play games or do puzzels, plus its nice to be able to stand up and move around a bit. I still use a lot of my backcountry habbits , such as I usally cook on a open fire and don't use all the items in my pup yet. I enjoy camping in my pup so much that its always stocked and ready to go on a whims notice.


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Apr 9, 2010
I also grew up with my folks having PUPs! So it was a slam-dunk when we decided to get off the ground! It helped that we got a steal of a deal on our first one! $800! Sold the tent for $150 and won $200 on a $10 gamble that day! So $500... then sold it for $1000 a couple years later... of course it was worth more... we made numerous repairs and improvements.


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Apr 3, 2013
For me, it was a matter of my options at just the right time. I had my eye on a new small travel trailer and I was looking at some local ads for 2 different pups that were for sale as well. The one we ended up going with was the newer pup because it had more room then the travel trailer and was in the best shape of the 2 pups. We love our pup!


Aug 23, 2013
Let me see, air conditioning, heat, refrigerator, bathroom ficilities, water heater, what more could a person want! [;)] [PU]


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Aug 20, 2007
Western MA
As a "tinkerer" in my early 20s, I stumbled across a popup camper damaged by a tree limb, and figured for the pennies that he was looking for for it, I could turn it into a utility trailer if I couldn't fix it. About $1500 and a parts camper later, I had a working Rockwood camper and a 7x11 utility trailer.

As you can see, my first one was kind of a "That would be a cool project, and then we could try camping" kind of situation. We haven't stopped since, even if that was 5 campers and 6 years ago. [8D]


Dec 26, 2013
The old tent leaked like a sieve…I had a tarp over the bedding which made for sweaty sleeping last May. I was shopping for a new tent and couldn’t find any I liked that had a second door or portal for a window air conditioner unit. While googling for tents, I came upon an article about a Lifetime Trailer tent and said out loud, “Wish I had one of those!” Sure is nice to be up off the ground and have a trailer to lug all the kayaks and bikes along, too.