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    So I did your homework for you.
    Based on your picture it looks like you have a 2006 Odyssey (please correct me if im wrong). See attached for a copy of your user manual outlining towing limits.
    Assuming you have a transmission and power steering cooler, your tow limit is 3500lbs which includes one 150lbs driver.
    3 passengers, your limit is now 3200lbs.
    Honda also suggests your tongue weight be about 10% of that, so you're aiming for 320lbs TW max.
    Furthermore, they advise that you need a WD hitch for anything over 1850lbs, which is exactly why your back end is dragging.
    Now you need to determine if your hitch and camper are rated for WD, because you need it.

    Edit: sorry the pictures here get downgraded in quality I guess. Your manual is here, page 312.

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    Yes, we tow with an '06 Honda Odyssey. Checking with my husband, the tanks were full (I initially thought they were empty) when he weighed it for the state registration papers (weight needed for an out of state title), and the weight was 2862 lbs. Nothing else was added to the PUP after weighing. Only dog crates in the back of the van. In mid-late March, we towed the unit 1500 miles without any issues (after adding the break controller and air bags). We will check into weigh distribution hitch for the next trip.

    Thank you for all of the comments. They have been very helpful.
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