What's that smell?


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May 11, 2021
Central Texas
We were in Colorado for 6 days and the neighboring site had a dog that they let poop on our site (understand that they are SMALL, close together sites at private campgrounds).

We discovered it after sightseeing for the day and returning and realizing what we were smelling.

WTH is wrong with some people. I wanted to place it squarely behind a wheel under their camper so it was hard to find so they could enjoy their gift to us :(


Sep 8, 2010
I had a neighbor who would just let their dog out to do his business wherever it wanted. Usually, that was my front yard. I spoke to them a couple of times, but nothing changed. I started carrying a shovel with me when I was cutting grass. See a pile, stop the mower, scoop it with the shovel and walk it across the street to their front porch. Yep, right in front of their door. Shovels make a lot of noise when they bang on concrete. Walk back to my yard, fire up the mower and continue on. A few of their dog's piles on their porch they started controlling where it went.


Adventures with KODI in AZ
Jul 2, 2016
So true about campsites these days. My last trip at the lake… Two bags of trash worth and lots of doggie land mines. DH and I filled up a bag each. We shoveled DLM’s into trash bags so it wouldn’t go under water when the water levels change. There’s garbage bins at the entrance for trash. So no excuses. People swim in the lake. We like to catch fish in the lake. Not sure why pet owners think it’s ok to leave pet waste? Keep it up and no one will get to enjoy the lake filled with waste. YIKES!

“Leave No Trace Behind” should be taught in all schools and at every grade. So maybe they will learn to respect the environment.

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