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    Aug 7, 2007
    Hi All,

    We purchased a 1996 Dutchmen "duck" used from a dealer in April. At that time they went over the inspection report and checked off everything that we were good to go. We went on two short 30 min trips and then in July went on our big trip to Colorado. We made it less than 1/2 way (Iowa) when our wheel bearings froze up and blew the tire and the axel. The repair shop said that it didn't have enough grease (the one that didn't blow was very low also) The original dealer offered to pay for 1/2 of our expenses but kept saying that it wasn't under warranty since it was new and that it must have been a faulty bearing - while our repair shop says they didn't grease them. We had to change our whole trip and leave our camper in Iowa until it was repaired.

    Has anyone had this problem before? I am considering taking them to small claims court for the full amount since we only had the camper 2 months and thought that since it was inspected (including a check by wheel bearings) that it meant they were packed. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks for any input!

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    Good luck if you take them to court. It's going to be their word against your's and could be tough to prove. It does sound as though the bearings weren't properly serviced, although the check mark may have meant that the bearings were properly adjusted -- no excessive free play or binding.

    I always service our vehicles, including annual wheel bearing cleaning and greasing. I want to know that's it's done right and I want to know the condition of every part.

    Welcome to the forum. Sorry that you've had so much trouble.

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