When on the road?

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Feb 26, 2020
Its not disrespectful to tell someone to search a forum. As to the comment "What good is a forum..." ? Simple, lots of new topics come up daily and new ideas are exchanged regularly. Suggesting that a topic that has been hashed and re-hashed a dozen times over be something you might search on first just saves everyone time.

To answer the question, I run 12V driving, 110 at camp. Rarely do I use propane.
Hardly ever is a topic a new one....How many interior lights are not working have been posted?...how many of the same AC questions get posted?
Dont forget about the tow vehicle questions repeated over and over.
Very rarely is anything new and fresh.
Some things i have asked and i know its been asked before but not every member sees everything and things change over time.
Maybe theres a better way of doing something now vs 5-10 yrs ago.
Example here...i asked about propane splitters and hose adapters and about battery disconnects
and solar panels.
I would have been turned off if people jumped on and said do a search its been discussed at length.
But a few members smarter than me jumped into help me and stuck with me until i understood things.
You never know....Maybe the OP will return the favor someday when you are in a bind and have a issue come up 3 days before your upcoming trip and u need help now vs looking thru the archives.
If somebody doesnt want to help they can roll on vs telling somebody to do a search.


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Jul 23, 2019
I think you need to have the pup level while on propane, otherwise, it will not work/cool properly. Personally, I cool down the fridge for a day or two using 120v and then run on 12v while driving.


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Jul 19, 2007
I think you need to have the pup level while on propane, otherwise, it will not work/cool properly. Personally, I cool down the fridge for a day or two using 120v and then run on 12v while driving.

100% correct for when trailer is stationary to promote the ammonia returning to the reservoir.. but when under tow.. the constant bumping of the trailer acts to do the same..


Oct 4, 2013
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Jul 10, 2021
Wondering if its better to run refrigerator
On electric or propane while driving ? Or is it bad to drive with propane on? Im Still pretty new at this
We took a different approach and bought a bigger bar fridge with a freezer and plug it into an Inverter in the back of the truck during travel. We didnt get a fridge in our popup.


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Oct 27, 2020
Wondering if its better to run refrigerator
On electric or propane while driving ? Or is it bad to drive with propane on? Im Still pretty new at this

I run electric the day before towing with a bottle of frozen water to speed the cool down process. Tow day I load up my frig with cold goods and switch to propane. At campsite I switch back to electric when I hook up. Works great.


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Sep 11, 2008
Morris County, NJ
I tried running on propane once (our maiden trip) and it kept blowing out. I have never run it on 12V. Not all fridges are designed to run on propane while driving. We prechill ours before a trip if we plan on using it and when we are only less than a few hours from the CG. I have heard of folks prechilling it and then placing frozen milk jugs full of water in there to keep it chilled till they get to the CG.


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Jun 26, 2020
Lancaster PA
Sjm911 said exactly what I'd tell you. There's many people that will tell you that traveling with a propane burner lit is dangerous, but I'd have to disagree. It's no more dangerous than traveling with propane tanks in general as far as having an accident goes. The only issue you have is when you go to a gas station. You're supposed to turn it off before you pull into the station and restart it after you leave so you don't ignite the gas fumes.

When we had our pup I used propane on the road, especiallyin the summer. 12v doesn't cool enough on hot days. I made a wind baffle with 2 12v fans in it to circulate air away from the pilot flame. Never had it blow out.

Now with our hybrid, propane is the only option for the road. I never turn it off to fill up either. The fridge access panel is on the driver's side, opposite side of the pump and @ 20 feet back from the fill port on my truck.

If +/- 95% of the travel trailers and motor homes are using propane on the road, why can't a pup? Personally I've never heard of a camper blowing up because of it. If you're in an accident, you'd almost have to rupture a tank to have an issue which would happen regardless of your pilot light being lit or not. But if it was lit and I had an accident, I'd turn the propane off 1st thing anyway.


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Apr 18, 2020
I had better luck running propane than 12v in ours. The last time I tried 12v I arrived at camp with a completely flat camper battery at our boondocking site. [V] Not sure whether that was user error or not. We also have had the propane go out a few times. Something to check occasionally on a long haul.


Aug 19, 2020
To the people who think he should have searched: certainly, but it's also worthwhile to get a fresh opinion on any matter. I have a relatively new PUP. When we first started with it I read many forum posts where people said the fridge is useless because it is either too small or does not cool down enough. Some people replace them with fully electric fridges and we figured we would eventually go that route. However, there was a small minority that gave a different opinion and we gave that a shot before abandoning hope. I'm glad we did.

The key to the heat exchanging fridge is to stock it with COLD food. It can cool down food, but it will take a very long time, even on Shore Power. Before a trip we plug into Shore Power in our garage and turn on the 120v on the fridge at least one day before we depart. We refrigerate everything that we plan to put in the PUP fridge ahead of time (at home) before transfering to the PUP. One thing that has surprised us about this approach is that food actually stays quite cold and that we can actually pack quite a bit more food in there than we previously thought. One other item is that we don't buy food for long trips in advance. We plan for a grocery run a few days after we are on the road. We rarely take a cooler with food, although I usually bring a small one along in case we need extra space.

Once we're done packing, we fold down the PUP and hitch it up. The last thing I do is disconnect Shore Power from the garage and switch it to 12v power before removing the wheel chocks. We've traveled 10-12 hours this way and the food stays quite cold. I've never run propane on the road for the various reasons that others have shared, particularly my concern that I'd forget about it at a gas station or something like that.

bruce wayne

Jun 16, 2020
in most states with tunnels, i believe it is illegal to have propane gas on when traveling through them. just sayin. you'll see the signs on approach.


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May 31, 2018
With the signs there are also places to pull over to shut them off. Its no diffrent than planning your route before you set off on your trip. Some bridges dont allow towing at all with certian mph winds or low bridges for those that have TT or rvs. Or pulling into a place to eat and having no room for the combined pop up and TV in the parking lot. You need to plan a little. Or adapt as you go.


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May 31, 2018
You know what they say about opinions.......there like noses, everyone has one.

( i had to steal that line )


Jul 19, 2018
Apple Valley, MN
Wondering if its better to run refrigerator
On electric or propane while driving ? Or is it bad to drive with propane on? Im Still pretty new at this
Had this same question a few years ago. This is what I learned. Don’t drive with gas on. Against the law to go through tunnels. Police actually will pull over campers with trailers and check. Battery won’t do it. You’ll get to your site and the battery will be drained. We now put a block of ice on a shelf in it Shut it off just as soon as we leave and turn it on when we get there. Have driven all day and still a cool fridge and ice has not melted. That’s how we now do it.

Tom Z

May 8, 2021
This topic looks pretty well covered, I use dry ice to cool unit so its pretty much ready to work when propane is in use, my concern w a pilot burning is fuel stops which could be problematic.


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Jul 2, 2006
We travel with our 3-way on propane most of the time. For long trips the 12v just doesn’t cut it. We generally carry our food with us, so putting in frozen bottles would require less food. Our pilot light stays lit and the fridge stays cold. The regulator and bottles all have flow control devices to cut of the propane in the event of a catastrophic hose failure. Otherwise, it’s the human factor to worry about. Use caution when refueling and such. I work with a guy that won’t keep propane, because it could explode. But, he’ll keep 4 5-gal gas cans in his garage. Pick your poison.
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