whiffle tree alternate from canvasreplacement.com

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    Sep 24, 2017
    i ordered The whiffletree from Canvas replacements.com (Left message with them to question this with no call back at this time ); I noticed when I received it, it only contains the whiffletree & 1 bushing... I am wondering now if I need the other bushing From the old whiffle tree; if you look at the parts diagram it does not contain 1 on each side of the whiffle tree box, just 1 that is on the end that has the trust nut bearing and thrust nut side, near the bumper of the camper box.
    The camper that I bought used, had one on both sides. The new whiffletree does not have a hole for another bushing on the end closer to the middle of the camper.... ugh, help, plz.....

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