Who here has a vintage pop up?


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Jun 23, 2008
Northern Nevada
Great looking pup, PBRinIL! You picked that up for $100? Great deal! Wish I would have had you with me when we bought DW's new car last weekend... [:D]


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Dec 18, 2009
wow that is great, it looks like it is ready to camp, what a find!


Jun 8, 2010
I have a '78 Skamper!!! N2Me of course, I am going to pick it up this weekend!!! :) Its a fixer upper and can't wait get it ready for the Season!!!!!!!!! Will post pics as soon as i can!!


Nov 16, 2009
I spent some of the best times of my life in a Starcraft very similar to the one owned by sub1ime14. Went cross country for 3 months, to florida, south carolina upstate NY, you name it. Great Memories; It's why we have a pop up now.


Jun 11, 2008
Ended up the stove couldn't be repaired so it was junked and the door won't stay closed. Otherwise still okay.


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Jun 2, 2010
Picked this beauty up yesterday.

1965 Westholt Cruiser. Son of the original purchaser had it, and ran out of time for a restore. Now it's my turn!
Already gutted the interior.
Check http://www.popupportal.com/index.php?topic=37354.0 for my project.


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Jun 16, 2010
Just picked up mine from the PO, it's an '83 Starcraft Venture 20' Knew going in that there would be a lot to replace. Fortunately it fits in my garage all set up, I live on a military installation (Malmstrom AFB) and they don't allow rvs to be parked in the yard/driveway for more than a couple of days. Here's some pix.












As you can see there's some water damage that I'll have to fix. The canvas is, for the most part, in decent shape. But where it's bad, it's really bad. I think that I'd be better off if I just replaced the whole thing. From reading other's posts about this, I know that Bear Creek Canvas is the best place to go. I just need some input from all of you about what to expect when I first contact them. I know they may need the old canvas to make a new one, but I hope not.

TIA for your comments and input



Jun 24, 2010
Lots of neat old campers!

This is my first popup: 1969 Bethany Citation 600. I've only had it a couple of months. I'm in the process of cleaning it up. New canvas is on order from canvasreplacements.com. The roof is made of fiberglass and right now I have it off and I am cleaning it up for some fresh paint. I plan using a Petitt brand one part fiberglass boat paint for the roof exterior. The spring-loaded roof raising mechanism is pretty cool ... undo the latches, lift up the front of the roof, move to the back and lift it up. Its all counterbalanced and uses springs like a garage door or something. I plan on buffing out the salmon colored paint, putting new decals on it, re-painting the wheels white and repainting visible frame sections. I need to get a pair of baby moon hubcaps to keep the original look. Here's a link to my photo album: http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/






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Jun 2, 2010
That Citation is pretty spiffy. I think if I'd intended to find an antique to fix up, that would have been along the lines I would have chosen. But fate pointed me in a slightly different direction..lol
Good luck, keep us posted on progress (in the restorations thread). I love watching others ideas unfold. Helps me with mine.


Jun 24, 2010
scooper said:
What a neat camper. From the pictures, the canvas actually looks pretty good.

Thanks, the canvas was usable ... a little mildew in the corners where it meets the roof. A couple zippers broken ... but overall not bad considering the age ... but it was unacceptable from my wife's perspective ... hence the new canvas on order. Bob at canvasreplacements.com in Wisconsin used to be a supplier of factory replacement canvas for Bethany. He even ended up with a lot of old Bethany parts after Bethany sold the name and got out of the trailer business.

heckufaguy said:
That Citation is pretty spiffy. I think if I'd intended to find an antique to fix up, that would have been along the lines I would have chosen.
Good luck, keep us posted on progress (in the restorations thread).

Thanks! Initially I wasn't too excited about the color, but it is growing on me. I really liked the fiberglass top and the lift system. My wife and I have been looking at some of the restorations and updates here in the forum and we are torn between updating the interior with new fabrics and paint, or leaving it original. The mattress and seat covers are in decent shape as is most of the interior. I'll start a thread in "restorations" and update as I go.



Jun 24, 2010
Xolthrax said:
How often do you see a well cared for classic car driving down the road in a color that would make you cringe today, but is completely appropriate (and cool) to the vehicle?

I agree. Originally I thought I would re-paint it to match my tow vehicle (dark metallic red) and paint the wheels silver. Livin Lite makes a Quicksilver tent trailer with a dark red and silver color scheme that I think looks pretty cool.

But I took some rubbing compound to the paint on one side and it cleaned up well. So I have now decided to keep it as close to original as possible, minus the stinky old headliner. I imagine there will be a few heads turning as I pull this big pink thing down the road!


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Jul 7, 2010
My boyfriend and I just purchased a "vintage" tent trailer for $200, the interior is in near new condition and the canvas is in great condition! We were told it was a 1971, the logo on the back says it is a "Wanderer" made in Canada..I have been searching for the past week trying to find something similar to this and have had no luck, the only thing similar has been the Apache....does anyone know anything about these vintage trailers?


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Sep 15, 2008
Rhode Island
Otterz - let me speak for the rest of the PUP people :) Welcome, Congrats and most importantly, we need pictures! and to be honest the more the better, there are people here that can 'spot' that one thing that you missed that is the key to you finding out what it is that you have in your NU2U PUP. No one thing is to minor - a logo, a label, a sticker stuck to the inside door jamb, etc (although for the larger audience, post it all under its own post topic)


Jul 11, 2010
We have a '74 Starcraft Galaxy 8. I'll be getting some new pics of it in the next day or two, since my baby is going up for sale (we just bought a '95 Jayco Eagle 12 KB, which is easier for me to set up by myself when I'm heading out with the kids, since right now it's a 2 person job to get it leveled and up). We picked up the Starcraft 8 years ago for $200. Rebuilt the roof, reinforced all the lifters, did floor repairs and the back corner was replaced as well. In 2005 we put a new canvas on it, as we started out our 5 year experiment in seasonal camping with it, before upgrading to a 24' travel trailer (then a 31') before deciding we needed to travel again.

It's great seeing all these vintage trailers. I hope when we sell ours, it goes to someone who will continue to love and enjoy it for many more years.


Jun 11, 2010
We bought a 1976 Bonair BA1200 from friends this summer. Needed a brake changeover from hydraulic to electric, but was otherwise ready for the road after some wiring updates.


This is why the previous owner had some lighting issues!

The guys helping me get her ready

Taking the old brakes off

Her data tag

Every Vintage PUP needs a Vintage Radio - I use the "Phono" inputs to play the iPod!


Since then I've fixed some lighting, added the Weight Dist Hitch, and flipped the axle for 4 inches more height. The boys and I are off to the campground this weekend to share in some beer and sausages roasted over the fire!!


Apr 9, 2010
I have photos of my 1970 Coleman ct-490 to upload here as soon as I figure out how. We took it to the Fort Wilderness campground at disney World last week and put another 1000 miles and several days on it and we still just love it. it does have new canvas-- the old looked pretty okay despite all the patches, but one trip it simply distintegrated in spots when we put it up-- not bad for 40 years old, though. All nine of us camp in it a lot. I am dying to upload pics! This is out last year with it, sadly. It is only designed to sleep 8 and our seven kids are growing up and my mither-in-law is often along, which makes ten--- and the kids just keep getting bgger. Sadly, we are going to have to consider a hybrid with quad bunks, I think. (Hmmm, does anyone make a double-decker popup? Or can you strecth one like a stretch limo? Just kidding!)

Steve A

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Jul 9, 2010
skatiero said:
This is out last year with it, sadly. It is only designed to sleep 8 and our seven kids are growing up and my mither-in-law is often along, which makes ten--- and the kids just keep getting bgger.
That's why tents are still available. And kids DO love not being "stuck" with mommy and daddy.

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