Why flip the axle? Pros and Cons??

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Repairs & Maintenance' started by mark2011, Jul 29, 2011.

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    I think so. I didn't really notice the Bayside behind the F150 (5.4 V8) but after the SOA I really don't know it's back there till I look in the rear view mirror. :)
    I did need to get step because it did raise the camper enough to make it more difficult to step up. And as others, I made some 4" high wooden blocks (2x8 squares to fit Lynx blocks) to a) add a spacer for the tongue jack and b) give some help for the stabilizers when the ground is a bit more unlevel (or it will take all my Lynx blocks to 'pad' one side).
    My axle had been flattened out over time so I needed to replace the entire axle, I let a professional shop handle the work.
    Good luck!
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    Jun 22, 2018
    6F3ABA97-8EFA-4313-8AD1-E4C083CB1412.jpeg 34638471-58C2-4D33-8FA6-E34BDA29AEEA.jpeg I just had the spring over done on Sunday. I don’t have the tools so my ex did it for me but a girl could do it for sure!

    For those who have done it and replaced your stabilizers what size did you use. On Amazon I see 24” and 30” scissor stabilizers. I’m thinking “30 Incase there is a dip where I am setting up.

    Currently in the SPOA there is 20” from the mounting spot of the current stabilizers. I feel 30” is the answer but I want to see what others have done.
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    I installed the 24in haul master stabs from Harbor freight. I was about the same as you (20in). If you're on uneven ground use blocks. Remember the taller the stabs, the further toward the center of the trailer they have to be mounted or they will stick out the side when fully collapsed.
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