Why is there so much junk, and so many dishonest people?


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Jul 27, 2022
I just got back from looking at someone’s camper. It is winter in MN so I realize it's out of season, but he posted pictures from the summer which is fair, it looks great. I asked him if he could show it, he agreed and had us come over. I get there and he tells me he can't put it up because there is ice on the roof and it's too heavy. It's covered in snow/ice, as well as all around it so I can barely see it and can't walk around it. OK, sure.. then he tells me this story that he bought it for his son but his son didn't want it and it's not his, the title is at a dealership, and we can put down whatever sale price we want so we can reduce sales tax (ok, lets talk about tax evasion in the first few mins..) and blah blah blah. It has no license plates, it has no spare tire. I asked about the stove (didn't see it in the pictures) and it is missing the stove. He said if we're interested he's got a buddy with a shop and he can tow it over there so it melts then bring it back home and we can look at it. And of course the interior is emaculate, he said. I also notice the side of the roof had been repaired (slightly different color material) and there's a big open gap on one of the corners.. this wasn't obvious from the pictures. So the thing I am guessing is salvage title, and I still don't understand why he even has possession of it. He has never used it, knows abolutely nothing about it.

Just ranting. This guy completely and totally wasted my time...

Be careful out there!!! :)


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Oct 10, 2013
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I agree when I was first looking I was getting very frustrated about all the time and money I spent just looking at junk or having other red flags being thrown only after I get there. I heard so many "stories" I learned to ignore pretty much everything the seller said. Didn't help I had a very tough budget to work with so I knew whatever I looked at wasn't going to be in the greatest shape, but amazing how people see things in a different way than I do. What they said was pristine was junk in my eyes.
Keep at it though something will come your way eventually. I found my current camper purely by accident after I took a break from looking. Two days before Xmas and had nothing better to do so opened up RV trader and accidentally forgot to put popup in the search. There was this popup. It had a miss spelling in the description so search features didn't pick it up. I brought my camper home on Xmas Eve. Needed some work and the seller did lie about it being garage kept but it was still in decent shape. Best Xmas present I bought. That way 6 years ago so probably way harder and more frustrating now. Good luck and great job spotting the red flags.

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Nov 5, 2020
I was extremely lucky when I found our, got it through Facebook marketplace, now that looks really bad, but the woman who we bought it from took great photos and it looked just like them. That's 3 years ago. Too bad that about marketplace, but some real schemers on there, supposedly selling their sisters camper, real cheap, hah! You can't buy a camper unless it's on a charm bracelet for a buck. I hope they weeded those a holes out.


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May 29, 2016
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I look at these transactions as less of a situation in which the sellers are dishonest, and more of a situation in which I, as a prospective buyer, am gullible.
I want to believe, based on the positive spin that I apply to what the seller says, that the item is better than being stated.

Caveat Emptor,
And use the shovel you brought to clear the snow off the roof.
You did bring a shovel, right? You'd have had to dig it out to tow it home had you bought.


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Apr 24, 2017
Maplewood, MN
Just ranting. This guy completely and totally wasted my time...
Unfortunately, your rant is not uncommon. There seems to be a shortage of honesty out there.

I had about a half dozen calls on my pup before I sold it, but I sold it within two minutes of the first showing.

The buyers told me that they previously went through the same thing you went through, lying sellers. They explained how much "junk" was out there and that the other sellers were outright lying about the shape of the pup and the functionality of the systems.

They told me after our deal was done, that they could immediately tell by the shape of my pup that I took care of it.

I believe that because of the previous frustrations of my buyers and the great shape my pup was in, my pup sold itself. The buyers didn't even try to negotiate the price, although I did have a fair price on it. I think they were also relieved that they knew their search was over. I know the stresses of buying a used pup, and it is a great relief when you find "The One".

Keep searching and don't compromise on your expectations. As you know all too well, it doesn't cost a thing to walk away. There are some good ones out there.

From my experience and my buyers experience, you will know immediately when you have found "The One" for you.
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Oct 26, 2022
Southern New Mexico
D/W talked me into purchasing mine. The owner had it opened to view the interior and the god awful robin's egg blue interior paint project. Being a complete newbie to owning a popup, I assessed that there was interior work to do that i could handle. Didn't take into account the roof and the decklid. But they have all been projects I can tackle. I was at a bit of a learning curve with setup, ran A/C and lights, byt have yet to do anything propane (fridge and stove). Towed good and seems solid. It truely does cost nothing to walk away and don't comprimise out of rush. It will be right when you find it. Good luck!


Dec 27, 2022
I just took a chance on mine and although it has some hiccups, basically it is still in very good condition, much newer than most I've found (it's a 2010), and it has the features I wanted. Seller was basically honest until the 11th hour - long story, but just to say KEEP LOOKING! I spent the night in mine last night in our driveway and thoroughly enjoyed my purchase!
One thing to consider when buying used, plan on buying new mattresses - they aren't very expensive and will definitely enhance your experience.


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Oct 6, 2013
I got lucky with the purchases of my latest pup. I was looking for something for my son his small family. Wanted to get something over the winter months, trying to find a good deal. We found a 2001 Starcraft Constellation that the owner said would need new canvas, and priced it as such $700. Based on the pics they posted the canvas didn't look that bad. I messaged and set up a time to see it. I was right, the canvas was not as bad as he said. Unfortunately the PO allowed a family friend to use the camper. Unbeknown to him, they closed it wet which caused some mold staining on the interior above the beds, plus they left some food inside, which attracted mice... There was some mold staining above the beds just inside the roof, and the mice had chewed on the some of screening and put two small holes in the canvas over the beds. The box and interior was in perfect / like new shape... After looking at the pup, I concluded the canvas did not need to be replaced... it can be patched and used for many years before it needed replaced. We patched the holes over the bed and will patch the screening in the spring. The mold stain's will be cleaned in the spring as well.. plus the valances will cover the staining. This camper had not seen the light of day in over 5 years. We received all of the books, cleaned curtains, valances, as well as a outdoor grill that was still in the original packaging.

Yes we got really really lucky... yes we found a unicorn among the junk campers we looked at, as well as a seller who represented the camper to the best of his ability. When I gave him a deposit, he was relieved, as he had over 100 inquires about the pup... he was happy to mark it sold...

My advise... find one your comfortable with... all used pups will need something... be prepared to walk away from a sale if it doesn't fit your needs, or if it needs more work / repairs than you're willing or capable of doing. Finding a needle in a hay stack can be daunting task... your next pup is out there, it just takes a lot of time researching, searching sending email, phone call and most of all some good luck...

Good luck and I hope you find what your looking for.

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Aug 3, 2017
East Central MN
I just got back from looking at someone’s camper. It is winter in MN.....

Be careful out there!!! :)
I hope your drive wasn't that long!

I don't think I could buy anything but a hard sided camper in MN over winter, and you're risking the A/C is junk come spring. You can't even look at canvas unless I had it open in a heated barn to show it. A dealership could do that, but mere mortals have no chance at that heated space in MN.


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Nov 30, 2012
The right one is out there. You'll find it.