Why we bought and love our Popup

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    Here are reasons we bought and love our Popup. Why did you buy and still love your Popup?

    Reasons Why We Personally Bought a Popup
    • Better than a Tent
      • Up and Off the Ground. My wife wanted to be up and off the ground, rather than in a tent, right on the ground.
      • No more rain ruining a tent camping trip. In the past, tents would notoriously leak and make campers generally miserable.
      • No more cold and clammy feeling all day.
    • More like a Cabin, but less expensive
      • We didn't want to spend $2500 - $3000 per year on a decent, clean, 1 week cabin resort anymore.
      • We had rented a resort cabin for 4-5 years after we gave up on tenting but it kept costing a lot each year to rent something nice.
      • Brand new, clean popup was a great solution
      • In Popups you breath fresh air every night. A cabin or Tent Trailer is like a house or mobile home.
    • Cost and Capacity
      • Large sleeping Capacity for 6-9 people, for our family of 6 (can't find this in a small Travel Trailer)
      • Could tow with our present minivan, no need to buy an SUV, saving $20,000
      • Lower cost than Travel Trailers that sleep a family of 6, saving $10,000
      • Could store in 3rd stall of our garage, saving $50-75/month * 8 months =$400-600/year * 10 yrs =$4,000-6000 over 10 yrs vs a Travel Trailer
      • Lower gas consumption costs
      • Total savings of $34,000-36,000

    I added this list to my website at this link, to improve and clarify my reasons over time, if you want to check back later.

    Here is a link to the related thread with a narrower scope:
    What final tent-camping event drove you into a pop-up?

    Why did you buy and still love your Popup?
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    Damn, a 3 car garage?!? Anything around here with that kind of space is way above my pay grade!

    I bought mine mainly for myself. I always wanted one, I have tent camped for quite a while, and bought mine for cheap to allow me to take my son to a 1 week long day camp 4 hours away. This allowed me to stay there cheaper than a hotel, continue working during the day thus saving vacation time, and still get him to a camp that he dearly loved for 3 years. Unfortunately my DW has zero interest in using it - as a family we are more of the road trip kind and stay in a hotel since we rarely spend more than a night in any one spot, unless it is on the other side of the country. Even then, it would take us 2-3 nights to get there, which is not conducive to pup travel for us with the amount of gear needed for such a trip. I also abhor setting up and breaking down in the rain, which is also a limiting factor for us.

    These days the pup is pretty much relegated to my use alone now. My son is getting older, and is often busy on the weekends so when/if I do head out it will likely be solo. Even when I do use it, I treat it mainly as a mobile hotel room. I don't hike, fish, hunt or anything. Just set up camp, then head out to explore a nearby town or something, and return to cook dinner, sleep and then eat breakfast.

    If I had the money I would get a hybrid or small TT in a heartbeat as my DW is on board for that. However, once you do the math spending $20k for a TT that we would realistically only use a handful of times during the year makes zero sense to us. That $20k could easily cover hotels for the next 20 years worth of vacations for us, so I think the TT route is out for us.
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    I was actually given my childhood popup when my folks upgraded. However I tent camped for many years and still do occasionally. About 5 years ago the small popup died on me and I went back to the tent until I figured what I wanted. I bounced around from the A frame to a 21' TT and ultimately went back to a popup but much bigger and nicer than my old one.
    I love the popup because like you waking up to wet sleeping bags and everything feeling damp was getting old. I always had the worst luck with air mattresses and my back wasn't liking the hard ground as much on a regular basis. I love the popup because it is easy to tow, lower profile means no drastic wind drag. Although my unit is as heavy as the TT I was looking at, I am able to spread out more, have far more light inside. More fresh air especially if I dry camp and need all the air I can get. I have a semi permanent bed and won't have to collapse the table down to make a bed. I'm even lucky I can keep my bed made when I close up assuming I don't put the thick blanket on. I'm able to sleep additional family members without worry's about an extra tent but still easy enough to set up and use alone. Like you said i didn't want to upgrade my vehicle to a large Truck/SUV just to tow through be the mountains. Gosh knows some of the roads my popup has seen I would have been terrified to bring a big camper. Some year may have to upgrade, but for right now, what I have is perfect for me.
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    We bought our current PUP because it is plenty big for our family of 5 and has just the right level of amenities that we want. We love it because it makes our camping experience comfortable and enjoyable. Some may call us "glampers" and that's fine, because we can still hike and fish and have a campfire and then have a comfy bed and a flush toilet and we are happy : )
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    Must of been some awesome cabins at $400 a night.
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    I grew up with a popup that was my dad's when he was a kid. When I was a teenager my parents bought a newer one, so I've always been familiar with them.

    My reasons are similar to a lot of you. We have a family of 6 and I wanted something that could fit all of us. We have a minivan, so I needed something I could tow. Also, I had a 5k budget. Dh works 7 on/7 off and we homeschool, so we are able to travel a lot time-wise, but wanted to be able to do it cheaper so we could take more trips. Dh hates tent camping, and we all prefer creature comforts if possible. Our camper can sleep all of us comfortably, keep us dry, has a/c and heat, etc. We bought it for 3k, I spent about 1k on refurbishing and fixing it up, 1k to make the minivan safe to pull it (it's towards the top end of our Odyssey's limit). Our first big trip was to Yellowstone. With dd's national parks disability pass, we camped with electric for $10/night, essentially just paying gas for that trip. Staying in a hotel with our 6 would have easily cost $250/night, plus we couldn't have cooked all our meals in a hotel room. For the 6 nights we were there that was a $1400 difference. Cheap vacations!
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    I want my family to experience America, plain and simple. Folks that camp with their family's are heart and soul kinfolk of mine. My family in our years together has been around the world quite literally and all across the states, but they have never met the folks, the Americans, you find in camp grounds. You know we come from all walks of life and all sorts of places and all have different stories to tell. That is why my family camps. Camping can unmask us and brings out our best. A camp fire can be revealing and fun at the same time. Every one is a friend around the fire. My little Pup is the means to this end.
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