Will this work? (tv/antenna question)

Discussion in 'Campsite Electronics' started by johnny5, Jul 3, 2010.

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    First I will start by saying some of you don't approve of TV's while camping...I guess this thread is not for you...The gf and I would like to try it out (for at night or rainy days when we dont feel like games).

    OK so we got a 12volt DC TV/VCR combo at a yard sale that needed the VCR fixed....I fixed the vcr and now it works great We got a camper aluminum antenna, a converter box(5.6volts DC) and a 110AC signal amp... I am just currious to see what you think... Any tips on what to do or what not to (mounting etc?) My camper is out on loan (with the tv and hd converter box so I cant test it right now...What are your thoughts?
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    its all good accept now its going to depend on how far you are away from a TV source. I have a power booster antenna that has a range of twenty miles but because of trees and hills, we cannot pickup anything even with that. Only a satilate system will pick up good reception, but then your stuck with a monthly service fee. You have to be about 15 miles in sight of a TV station to get reception real well.

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    I guess the only way to find out is to try it out....

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