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Discussion in 'Alaska' started by JasonandCrystal_F350, May 18, 2016.

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    Willow Creek Resort Campground, Willow, Alaska, roughly 1.5 hours drive north of JBER/North Anchorage.

    We stayed there the weekend before last from 6-8 May, and are staying again this coming weekend (some friends wanted to go).

    Full hookups are $43, and partial hookups are $38 a night, which is pretty standard for Alaska. The sites aren't too close together, and it feels a lot more like a campground than some of the parking lot sites that exist. You can technically make reservations online, but it's hard to get a response and it's best to call. They take care of you over the phone pretty well.

    The Willow Creek has King Salmon running through it during season, and there is trout fishing a-plenty as well. The campground rents fishing equipment, and I'm pretty sure they can actually license you too. That being said it's always best to be prepared ahead of time, especially in Alaska.

    All in all it's a really great place to camp. It's very peaceful and atmospheric, there are facility bathrooms and showers, port-o-potties in the camp, and burn pits.

    I'll put up pictures later today or tomorrow.
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    That's the place just off the Parks Highway on the river, huh? I've been by it so many times, but never thought about staying... sounds interesting.

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