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Discussion in 'Cold Weather Camping' started by penny, Dec 21, 2017.

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    We just came back from a trip. Cold weather camping at Hungry mother campground VA. We woke up to 26 degrees and snowing, the night dropped down to somewhere in the low 20's. We did not hook up to water because we figured the hose would freeze. We did fill our water tank. and ran water. Since we had electric we ran an electric heater and set the propane furnace to 65. When we left we winterized the water system of the camper since we would be driving in this weather.
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    One question I didn’t see addressed, is regarding the canvas getting brittle during these cold temps. I’m concerned about it cracking and needing a whole new canvas. Also how do u dry it out after getting home? My garage is too small to store the camper in opened up. My only thought would be to set it up with heaters inside running all day to dry off any moisture on the inside of the camper and outside.

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