Winterizing pop up


Jan 31, 2021
We just bought a used Jayco Jay Series Sport 12SC. We want to be sure to take care of it properly. The temperatures for the next 3 days are highs of 45 to 58 and lows of 28 to 33. After that the lows are above freezing. Do you all think I need to winterize the water system? And if I need to do that do I need to not only drain all water out but ALSO put RV antifreeze in the water lines?


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Sep 2, 2019
Ontario, Canada
We get months here with lows in the -15C to -30C range (5F to -25F) I blow out the whole system with low pressure air and add antifreeze. But for just a few days that dip below freezing I wouldn't be too worried. It's a pain to go thru the whole winterizing process.

Just make sure the system is drained. The problem with freezing is that the water expands as a solid and cracks the plumbing. No water, no problems.

If you can blow out any water in the system with low pressure air (<25psi) I would advise it. You can use an adapter that fits an air quick connect and onto your city water connection. Open taps and low drain points and blow out any water.