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Discussion in 'Lift Systems' started by bowman1268, Jan 28, 2008.

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    Well I went to raise my top to see how the camper faired the worst part of the southern winter and there was a loud POP.I thought crud there went the cable or cables with the way my luck has been going.I was kinda cheesed of since the previous own said ALL the cables where replaced about 3 years ago.So I get my tool together and start removing panels to try and find what failed.I get to the front panel and I see the end of the main cable laying there.After a few choice words I decide to Remove it and take it with me to make sure I get a good match to replace it.Well I start looking and can't find the other end.I figure it must be wond around the winch so I remove the winch drum.Low and behold and to my both releif and sehgrin the cable had not broke but has come off the drum.The previous owner or whomever he had replace the cables.Instead of using the cable clamp that holds the cable to the side of the winch had tried to tie a knot in the cable and wrapped the end in duck tape to hold it in place.So thats my story just figured I would share my lift system story.Needless to say I will be checking the entire system to make sure that there are no other improva on the cables :).

    Moral of the story do it right the first time
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    Glad it wasnt more serious! but sometimes when you see how other people do things, it really makes you wonder just what they were thinking at the time

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