Would not have believed it unless I saw it

Anthony Hitchings

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Mar 2, 2019
Oakland, California
Sitting at dinner at Priest Station, outside, at top of Old Priest Grade and New (less steep) Priest Grade, Hwy 120, CA.

During just the course of our dinner we saw three vehicles come up the new grade, and following their GPS immediately turn DOWN the old Priest grade (no room for a U-turn) and go all the way back to where they started!!. Waitress says it happens all the time.


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Oct 15, 2006
Dukes, Fl
sounds like a Tom Tom GPS that I had for a very short while :) Garmin GPS works a lot better


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Jun 24, 2011
Northern California
The first time I drove to Yosemite with my Pup (3,500#), my daughter was "navigating". We came to the Y at the bottom and I said, New or Old. She hesitated and I had to keep moving and started up the Old. At the first sharp turn, she says NEW. Too late by then. I was in first gear all the way up doing about 10mph...