Yellowstone National Park

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    Anybody camped in or near Yellowstone? We are planning a trip there next summer (2010) and what I have found out thus far is that they really don't like popups. In fact, the CG's I have found online say hard side campers only.

    Hopefully somebody on here can come to my rescue!

    Happy Camping!
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    Camping at Yellowstone in a popup is okay at certain campgrounds. IIRC Fishing Bridge only allows hard side campers, but the other CGs generally allow popups. I am booked for four days this June in Bridge Bay CG.

    Check out this thread and this one for great Yellowstone discussions....

    Have fun!

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    I don't know of restrictions on PUPs other than at Fishing Bridge. It would seem logical that you could use a PUP anywhere you can use a tent and you can use a tent in most of the Yellowstone campgrounds. One issue, however, is that many sites were designed with tents in mind in that there is a small pullout off the road for the car and then the pad for the tent is off the road, several yards into the site. There is really not enough space to park and set up the PUP in these cases. Check the Yellowstone website and/or call them. The last time I was there was pre-PUP but I saw lots of PUPs at sites and being pulled around the park.

    There are seven campgrounds in Yellowstone that are operated by the Park Service. They are: Indian Creek, Lewis Lake, Mammoth, Norris, Pebble Creek, Slough Creek and Tower Fall. They are first-come, first served. No reservations are allowed. (I like Norris, Tower Fall and Lewis Lake.) Plan to arrive <i>very</i> early in the day to get a spot in these campgrounds during the summer rush season. They fill fast. There are no hook-ups in these campgrounds. Some have flush toilets and some only have vault/pit toilets.

    Xanterra Parks and Resorts operates five campgrounds at Yellowstone. You can make reservations in advance at these locations. Their number for future reservations is 307-344-7311. They run Fishing Bridge and that is the one that does not allow tents or PUPs, just hard-sided trailers or MHs.

    Here's a link to the NPS Yellowstone website:

    <u><b>Yellowstone Camping</b></u>

    Be prepared to use safe bear country practices where ever you camp, though. No food should stored, cooked or eaten in the PUP. It must be locked and hidden in the TV or in a bear box any time it is not being used.

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    The two threads Digger mentioned are good threads with some good information on them.

    We stayed at Bridge Bay with our pup. We did make reservations through Xanterra. The guy I spoke with over the phone was very helpful. I received an email confirmation within 30 minutes of making the reservation.

    We stayed there in mid-August. We had asked the rangers if there was any sightings, he said at that time of year most of the bear have moved on to higher elevations by the 3rd to last week in July. We were there for 3 days and there were no sightings at all. But you do need to store all your smellables in the TV at night.
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