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    Ok, I know that ther are about a million threads about the really bad mattresses in PUPs on here, and I've read a good number of them, but not found what I'm looking for, so here's another one! [:D]

    My wife and I recently purchased a new 2016 Somerset E3, and obviously the first night we had it home, the kids insisted that we all sleep in it. I don't recommend that others do this on a Wednesday night when you have work the next day. [:!] As many here will not be surprised to find out, we had the worst nights sleep EVER! I've slept on picnick tables (with no coverings) that were more comfortable than the mattresses in the camper. Having been a tent, or hammock, or just sleeping bag under the stars camper in the past, I figured that all the posts about bad mattresses in campers were just blown out of proportion. Boy was I wrong! So, on to the question(s)...

    1. After much reading here I understand the 2" thick 5lb memory foam mattress toppers are the most recommended solution to the factory torture device they call a mattress. What I don't understand is how that works in the cold? I had a memory foam pillow one time and it was great so long as the house was above 70 degrees. In the winter I keep the house in the mid to low 60's and the pillow turned into a rock. Maybe it was just a cheap pillow, but I'd like to know, at what temperature do these mattress toppers work comfortably, and when do they get too hard/stiff to use?

    2. From what I understand, Latex foam toppers do not suffer from the temperature sensitivity of memory foam and possibly provide better support, yet I find almost no mention of Latex toppers being used here. Am I missing something?

    3. Since the factory mattress is 4" and many people seem to be able to fit a 2" topper and still close the lid, had anyone just replaced the factory mattress with a better 6" memory foam or other mattress? I know some have done air mattresses, but I dislike those for multiple reasons. I'm looking for something that resembles a bed as that was one of the main reasons for moving up to a PUP.
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    Jun 19, 2016
    I put the memory foam underneath the stock well for me.
    look on for them, they have many.
    I bought a 4' memory pad, and it does work with both, but everything has to be perfect when closing down, or it's a real struggle
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    I was luck to have someone that was trashing there 30 yr old sleep sofa mention to me the the mattress was only a few months old and no one had ever slept on it. So I originally took it home to put on the unused bunk so the niece's or nephew's could camp with us. On the first trip with it in the pup our air matt got cut so we tried it out. We will not be replacing the air matt anytime soon. I have never had a better nights sleep in a camper.

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