Your best camp meal


Aug 14, 2020
East Texas
As fall camping is getting closer this thread is to give us something to look forward to: Describe your best camping meal you ever had and what made it so good. Ours was at Lake of The Pines in East Texas. Flame grilled steaks and baked potatoes cooked on a camping grate in the rain. The steaks were so tender and cooked just like we like ours. Salt and pepper seasoning dry rub then brown on both sides then melt butter on them. Potatoes were washed then rubbed in sea salt wrapped in foil and covered with coals. Served with butter, cheese and bacon bits. It was awesome.


2004 Fleetwood/Coleman Utah
Oct 10, 2013
Northern Virginia
The best meal i had camping, was ribs in a 14” Dutch oven. That my brother made. Low and slow and oh so tasty. Something I don’t usually do as I don’t like to be stuck at camp all day.


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Aug 8, 2015
Boy, where to start! My favorite thing to do is cook on a campout. I love setting up a well equipped camp kitchen and running a short order cook experience it seems.

Breakfast - skillet hash browns with scrambled eggs, chives, crumbled bacon, a bunch of various seasonings all cooked together in a big glop, then scooped onto warm tortillas with cheese and picante sauce.

Lunch - texas toast three cheese grilled sandwiches with deli sliced chicken, seasoned with garlic and pepper. Add some tomato basil soup for when it is cold outside.

Dinner - brown sugar bourbon marinated grilled chicken sandwiches, butter toasted buns, all the fixins with some Bush’s country style baked beans and seasoned roasted potatoes.

I also do a mean eggy in a basket - 1 slice of bread, circle cut out of the middle, 1 TB of butter, soak it in on both sides on the griddle, crack an egg in the middle and cook, flip once set and continue cooking to over medium. Add some skillet hash browns you have been cooking earlier, and a slice of american cheese on top.

I eat better on a campout than I do at home. Is that wrong?


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Jul 20, 2009
we regularly camp with our best friends and she is Thai. She cooks us some amazing Stir Fry's, Salads and Noodle dishes. It's like camping with our very own Thai Chef, hands down beats regular camp food!
Like sneezer we dine like kings on a camp out, but eat more basic when at home. Maybe that's why I like camping so much.

Matt D Wilder

Feb 27, 2019
Here in Arizona our high mountain lakes are stuffed with giant crawfish. I will head up early a couple times a year to start trapping before the rest of the peeps arrive. About 100 pounds of massive high country crawfish boiled to perfection with all the taters corn garlic mushrooms and sausage you can eat. We invite everyone within ear shot to come enjoy the feast.


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May 22, 2013
Saint Helens, Oregon
Best camp meal? Hmmm. Hard to decide.

I've cooked quite a few (I don't do 'normal' camp cooking).
I've made seared ahi tuna (with soy sauce and wasabi dip), spanish rice, and corn in a buttery garlic and caper sauce while at Whistler, BC.
I've made cedar plank salmon with grilled shrimp and teriyaki noodles.
I've made Swedish meatballs in a creamy alfredo sauce.
And I made a Jambalaya in my dutch oven that was great.
Ok, I made a hamburger once; ground veal stuffed with baby shrimp and a blue cheese, gouda blend.

I used to cook for our group of guys for Man's Weekend. Larger group meant different selections; Dutch Oven Beef Stew, Chicken Fajitas on my 20"x36" griddle, etc.

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Mar 16, 2017
While I always enjoy a good steak dinner while camping, I do look forward to making a good camping breakfast. I just call it the mountain mess. Get the discada out and fry some bacon, then saute up onions and peppers, add in hash browns and hominy (any leftovers usually get tossed in like some chopped up steak or sausage), then fry up the eggs, add some cheese and roasted green chile and serve with warm buttered tortillas. But definitely my favorite meal while camping is fresh caught trout, toss in some lemon and herbs, salt/pepper and butter, a splash of beer and grill the packets over the campfire. Bonus points for boiling up fresh caught crawfish, AKA mountain lobster. IMG_20200723_075749.jpg 20200604_190806.jpg 20200602_175618.jpg