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    We have all probably dealt with a zipper where the teeth won't stay joined at one time or another and then wonder what to do about it. Do you replace the zipper, throw away the item and get a new one.

    Before doing spending any money you may be able to fix the zipper. Many times when the zipper unravels it is because the teeth are not being compressed tight enough and this is often due to the pull becoming loose. The other reason a zipper will unravel is due to bent or missing teeth. A bent tooth may be able to be straightened, not much you can do for a missing tooth, but if it is due to a loose pull this may be easily repairable.

    The fix for this is pretty simple. All you need is a pair of pliers. What you do is unzip the zipper all the way and then take the pliers and gently squeeze the pull both before and after the pull tab. Squeeze it in small increments and then test the zipper until it no longer unravels. Just be careful not to compress the pull too much or it may no longer slide at all.

    While this won't work in every case it is worth a try. After all you are not going to be any worse off if it doesn't work.

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    I once bought a zipper repair kit for a tent that I have. The very first thing it said in the instructions was to squeeze the pull part with pliers.

    That fixed it, so now I have a zipper repair kit that I paid $10 for and didn't use!

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