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We are taking our 1999 Skamper out for the first time this weekend. Im sure we will forget somethings but looking forward to the adventure.
Hello all, newbie to the pop up world. We’ll kinds parents had on as a kid but now I have my own. I need some help with my goshen lift system. It’s stuck and won’t go down. The handle will not move and inch one way or the other to get it down. The winch is under tension please help
Hello! I am a first time pop up camper owner. I purchased a 1994 Jayco 1207 J Series that needed a LOT of work. I am an avid home DIY'er and furniture salvager, but this is my first time into the realm of campers! My creative vision is often halted by my lack of engineering/mechanical understanding, but where there is a will there is a way!
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Welcome to the portal. Lots of knowledge available here. Happy Trails!
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Okay, just talked to my friend I'm getting the camper from, she said they did look up the VIN, and it's definitely a 1987 Skamper, I believe she said 240-C. Any info on it and if there is anywhere that could point to a manual of any kind on it, much appreciated. Thanks!
Hi There-
New to the pop-up world from the Northeast area, looking for info repair guide, and or manual for a 1999 Coleman Utah Cp, lift not working for starters.
We have an aliner, and for some unknown reason the chains won't reach to criss cross them, they used to, I don't know what the heck is going on, but I'm wondering if we could get longer chains, and if so how do we know which kind to buy? Thanks.
We bought a 2012 FlagstaggHW last year. The power lift went out the second time we used it. It will lower, but not raise. Husband has been using a cordless drill to raise it. In your opinions, would you replace the motor or continue using the drill? Is it always that noisy???
Hi, I'm new to the forum. I live in Colorado and do not currently have a camper, but am considering the purchase of one. I joined this forum in the hope of getting some information. I haven't had a camper for quite a few years now, but we used to have pickup campers, travel trailers, and a 5th wheel. I'm currently driving a Subaru Outback 3.6R and am in the market for a small Aliner popup.
Alabama 96 Coleman Shenandoah we've not used in years (but retirement soon!). In the back yard, but oddly in good shape. A bit of work to do (propane, refrigerator), some very small cracks on the roof which was replaced about 2000.
Our step out of our pop up is too steep for us. Is there a way to make the step less steep, like an add on block or something?
Replacing crank assembly on 1999 Coleman fleetwood, I cannot get the pins out from the shaft that connects to the wiggle tree. Any suggestions on how to get the pins out I tried everything.

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